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Best chromebooks for kids

Chromebooks are now being designed to be kids-proof. Google emphasizes that the Chromebooks are mainly the educational laptops, with the spill-resistant keyboards, rubbered edges and even some of them come with Drop-Protection, to withstand lockers, lunchrooms, backpacks, and buses.

HP Chromebook 14-inch with 180-Degree Hinge

HP Chromebook 14-inch Laptop Review
Chrome OS has already made a mark among computer users. That is why; more and more people are trying to switch over to Chrome OS from Windows 10. The problem which they faced earlier was that most of the Chromebook laptops had a smaller screen. This however changed with HP Chromebook […]

Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA Review

Asus chromebook flip has become the first choice of the pro because of its performance and top-notch Specs, includes the product’s bend-back design, elegant aluminum style, powerful performance, solid battery life and sharp screen.

Pros and Cons of a Chromebook

No doubt that Chromebooks are getting popularity day by day, and you may be considering purchasing one lightweight both in the bag and on your valet. We assure you that for the right person and usage, a Chromebook can be a wonderful substitute for the bulky and expensive laptops, but WAIT , what exactly is […]

How Can You Play Minecraft on a Chromebook?

Can You Play Minecraft on a Chromebook?
If you already have a Chromebook or you are thinking about getting one, there are a few questions you may be asking. With the popularity of Minecraft, a question near the top of the list is: Can I play Minecraft on a Chromebook?

The short answer is no. The long […]

Which is The Best Linux Distro for Chromebook

If you are tired of the Windows OS, and you do not want to replace it with the Mac OS. You have tried both of them and did not like them. Wondering if there is another option?
Go get a Chromebook with prebuilt Google Chrome Operating System, Called Chrome OS.  you can also choose Linux and install […]

How Can You Install Chrome OS on PC ! An Update

                              Installing Chrome OS on A PC
If you know anything about Chromebooks, then you know that they are great. They are efficient. They are secure. They are fast. They have online storage. Best of all, they are cheap. You may already […]

Google Pixel Book Review ! Is it worth the Price?

Pixel book is the latest in Google’s own Chromebook range. Now, if you are well aware of Chromebooks, you will know that they are extremely cheap and very fast. Speed and price come at the expense of functionality and storage, but in our opinion, that tradeoff is well worth it. Pixel Book, however, comes in […]

What Is the Difference Between a Laptop and a Chromebook

What Is the Difference Between a Laptop and a Chromebook?
You have probably heard of Chromebooks. But, one thing is confusing you – whenever you hear someone talking about Chromebooks or read about them, they are passed off as something different. Aren’t they just laptops made by Google? What Is the Difference Between a Laptop and a […]

Acer Chromebook R 13 Touchscreen Review! what makes it Different?

Acer Chromebook R 13 Review
The main attraction of Chromebooks is that they are cheap and fast at the expense of software options. Chromebooks have been designed and built to use all software online through the Chrome browser. As you cannot download and install apps, your options can be somewhat limited. On the plus side, Android […]