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Chrome Os Review-All about chrome Os

Is Google Chrome OS any good?

Google’s Chrome OS is quite different from the most conventional computing system around the planet, and yet the most misunderstood as well. 

Chrome Os based laptops (called Chromebooks) are manufactured differently from traditional Computers we are using for decades.

That results,  a lot of concerns like, how chrome os functions, what Chromebooks […]

How to Use Google’s Chromebook Recovery Utility

Chromebooks are some of the lightest and most portable laptops available in the market today. These devices run on the linux-based Chrome OS and can perform a variety of tasks using the built-in Chrome browser and cloud-based applications.

Users that run into problems with their device may need to use the Chromebook Recovery Utility at some point. This guide will […]

Google Pixelbook Go Chromebook Review

Google’s line of Chromebooks have been a hit from the very start. These compact and portable devices essentially overtook the “netbook” market in the early 2010s and have continued growing in popularity ever since. Google’s latest addition to their line of devices is the Pixelbook Go.

The Pixelbook Go offers many advantages over other competitors such as the Macbook Air. This […]

Can you play Fortnite on a Chromebook?

Streight to the answer, YES! you can get Fortnite on your Chromebook in two ways,which we are going to walk you through step by step.

Children and adults all over the world are playing Fortnite on their consoles, pcs, and phones. Right?

However, if your main device is a Chromebook, you’ve likely noticed that there’s no official […]

Best Audio Recording Apps for Chromebooks

Looking for a reliable online voice recorder for Chromebook? Since audio-based entertainment, like folks, are recording audio tutorials, others are trying to record Ebooks, and recording Podcasts have become extremely popular. Then, of course, there’s the ever-present indie musician without much money at hand.

At a certain point, you needed a professional recording studio and a […]

5 Perfect Video Editors for Chromebook Users

Looking for the perfect video editors for your Chromebook ?. we have got you covered here. Vloggers are everywhere, and so are video essayists, and musicians. However, not everyone has a workstation set to handle RED footage. Some people just have a Chromebook that can handle video shot from their smartphone, tablets. 

Chromebook video Editor

For those […]

How Can you get Roblox Studio on Chromebook?

Since introducing the Google Play Store to Chrome OS, hundreds of thousands have downloaded and played the massively popular game, ROBLOX.

Roblox Studio on Chromebook

The game even allows players to create video games for themselves! The developer market on Roblox is so large that the Roblox Corporation reported developer earnings of $110 million last year!

This year, […]

How to get Steam on Chromebook in 2020?

Steam is an online gaming platform that distributes games for purchase and download.

But wait, there is a snag: the only computer you’ve got is a Chromebook, and you aren’t sure if Chromebook will work with Steam. The question is: How to get Steam on Chromebook?

Steam Gaming Platform

The good news is this article will walk you […]

10 Awesome Things You Can Do With a Chromebook

Chromebooks are often described as lite laptops. They’re meant to provide decent processing power and storage to their users that mainly use the cloud to store files. However, for most folks, they’re full-fledged laptops that can do most of what other regular laptops can. So here are 10 awesome things you can do with your […]

Best Wireless Earbuds for Chromebooks-Top 5 Picks

Wireless earbuds are all the rage these days. Ever since Apple came out with its AirPods, the wireless earbuds industry has taken off. With offerings from Google pixel buds and Samsung, OnePlus, and Sony, as well as from Bose, it’s a smorgasbord out there.

However, if you’re specifically looking for earbuds that are great for […]

What Should I look For in a Chromebook in 2020?

Chromebooks may be light and cheap; however, they should still get the job done when you’re working on them. Hence, they should have enough power to push through running apps and survive the occasional gaming run.

They should also have reliable internet access because Chromebooks rely on internet access to save, and run pretty much everything. […]