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Chrome Os Review-All about chrome Os

Is Google Chrome OS any good?

Google’s Chrome OS is quite different from the most conventional computing system around the planet, and yet the most misunderstood as well. 

Chrome Os based laptops (called Chromebooks) are manufactured differently from traditional Computers we are using for decades.

That results,  a lot of concerns like, how chrome os functions, what Chromebooks […]

2 Big Improvements Coming to Chrome OS in the Near Future

The one basic thing these two changes will do is make a Chromebook a long-term investment. Today, buying a Chromebook is akin to buying a machine for work or play that you can use for light tasks. It doesn’t have the power or the capacity that full fledged laptops do. It can’t. The OS is […]

5 Best Over Ear Headphones for Chromebooks

So, you’re looking to buy yourself some over-ear headphones? Well, you have a lot of choices out there. However, for your Chromebook, there are some specific options which will give you the functionality and the comfort needed.

Here are 5 of the Best Over Ear Headphones for Chromebooks in 2021.

Best Over Ear Headphones for Chromebooks […]

Best Stylus for Your Chromebook in 2021

Chromebooks are known for their dual-usage. They can be used as computers as well as tablets. Some feature detachable screens while others feature 360-degree hinges which allow the screens to swing all the way back. 

And with tablets, you will always need a stylus to get work done. It doesn’t matter how good you are with […]

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 Review: The Best Gaming Chromebook

The Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 is one of the best Chromebooks on the market. It has the beautiful sleek design you’d want in your daily driver notebook as well as the features you need on a day to day basis. With a great screen, a beautiful design, and great performance, it’s the Chromebook to get.

However, […]

The 6 Best Wireless Mice for Your Chromebook

If you’re going to work professionally with your Chromebook, the built-in trackpad won’t do. It won’t be enough for the speed, accessibility, and the features that you need. Sure, gestures and combinations have come a long way since the last decade. However, there is still no substitute for a good mouse.

So, here are some of […]

HP Pro C640 Review: The Premium Budget Chromebook

At 14-inches, the HP Pro C640 Chromebook definitely looks beautiful. However, it’s not built just for show. It is a businessperson’s Chromebook with a battery life of over 10 hours.

Not only does it have impressive hardware and design, but it also has great security features and impressive durability. So, here is everything you need to know […]

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Review

Following the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook in 2020, the Korean electronics giant has produced a follow up. The Galaxy Chromebook 2 may not have much going for it on paper, but it delivers on performance.

It’s a laptop for the working man, who needs premium performance, but not necessarily beefy internals. It also has a pretty great […]

5 Best Chromebook Printers in 2021

If you’re going to work from home in 2021, you’ll need a great printer to accompany your Chromebook. So here are some great 2021 Chromebook printers to consider.


Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Review

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is a beautifully designed 2-in-1 notebook for above-average users. The thin bezels, the 4K screen, and the great specs speak of a machine designed for both work and play.

An S-pen has also included, with the grey, sleek exterior is a beautiful sight. It does seem like this will be able to […]

Acer ChromeBook Spin 713: The Best ChromeBook of 2021

Acer has come out with the best Chromebook of 2021, the Acer Chromebook Spin 713. The hardware manufacturer has set the bar rather high for the competition. Chromebooks are meant to be work machines for the average office job. They’re not meant to be workhorses or ultra-specialized beasts. That’s a niche which can give people […]