3 Tips For Setting Up Chromebook Parental Controls

Setting up Chromebook Parental Controls is very important to filter out everything our little ones can see. Since memory for visual material is often stronger and better remembered than most other material,

Chromebook Parental Controls
Chromebook Parental Controls

It’s always good to protect their eyes from any offensive content but sometimes it’s also good to control and even limit the time they spend in front of their tiny screens.

Luckily, Chromebook has developed ways for parents to control the activities of their kids so they surf the waves of the internet peacefully without hitting a Tsunami along the way!

How to Set Up Parental Control on a Chromebook?

There are some ways parents can control their children’s activities on the internet if they’re using a Chromebook.

Tip# 1:Be The Chromebook Controlling Owner

The first thing you need to do -as a parent- when you get a Chromebook is to be the first one to login with your own Gmail account.

For Chrome, the first person who logs into the Chromebook is considered the ‘owner’ of the Chromebook, thus he’s the one who has the ability to control all the settings (including the settings of the other users).

P.S If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can easily create one, it’s easy and free.

What If Your Child Has Already Logged in Before You?

One of the greatest things about the Chromebook is that it allows you to regain control even if your child was the first to login.

Let me introduce you to Powerwash’! This awesome feature gives you the power to erase the Chromebook back to its factory settings. And here’s the catch, your kid won’t lose the stuff he’s been working on because everything is stored in the cloud!

Actually, the Chromebook has a relatively smaller hard drive, because the whole idea is to store almost everything on the cloud.

Powerwash – Reset to Factory Settings

If you need to powerwash your kid’s Chromebook, here’s a step by step guide on how to do that. If not, you can skip to the next section.

1. Go to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the icon (account) and then click the ‘Settings’ gear.

2. When settings come up, scroll all the way down and click on ‘Advanced’.

3. Then scroll again all the way down and get to the ‘Reset Settings’.

4. Now, you’ll have 2 options: ‘Powerwash’ and ‘Restore Settings to Original Defaults’. Select the ‘Powerwash’ because the restore option won’t remove the accounts. The powerwash, on the other hand, will get rid of the current owner account (in this case your kid’s account).

5. At this point, Chromebook will ask to restart. Click for it to do so.

6. When it’s done, it should come back up with no accounts on it so you can start over. Now you can be the first to log in and be the owner.

How to Manage the Users on a Chromebook?

1. Log in with your (parents) Gmail account.

2. Go to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the icon (account) and then choose ‘Settings’.

3. Scroll down to the ‘People’ section. And from there click ‘Manage Other People’.

4. In this section you want to:

● Turn off ‘Guest Browsing’ because it resets every time and doesn’t keep history that you can monitor. Plus you don’t want your kid to use this instead of his account.

● Turn on ‘Show Username and Photos on the Sign-in Screen’.

● Turn on ‘Restrict Sign-in to the Following Users’ so that you’re aware of all the accounts that login into the Chromebook. If you’re doing this for the first time, then your account should be the only one visible (with ‘owner’ showing next to your name). This is also where you can add the users that’ll be able to use the Chromebook.

Tip#2:Use Tools for Parental Controls on Chromebook

Here are some ideas of other apps or software you can use to monitor your kid’s Chromebook internet activity.

First, you can download and use an app called ‘Google Family Link and set an account for your kid that’s monitored by you.

The second thing you can do is use the built-in ‘Safe Search’ to control what your kids can get access to on their Chromebook.

Another way is to block offensive websites. Blocking websites on a Chromebook can be done using certain Chrome extensions. Some suggestions are TinyFilter, Block Site, and JustBlock Security.

Device Requirements

To be able to activate the Google Family Link parental control app, your Chromebook needs to run Chrome OS 65 or above.

How Family Links Works?

If you’re wondering what you can do with Family Links on Chromebook, here are the most important features and limitations of this app.


● Confines or blocks the apps you choose to restrict from your kids from Chrome Web Store or Google Play Store. ● Disables the Incognito Mode.

● Limits your kids’ ability to grant permissions to websites.

● Allows you to manage the websites your kids can visit on Chrome.


● Parents can’t lock their kids’ devices from afar.

● Parents need to have a Gmail account to be able to create Family Link parental controls for Chromebook.

● Google Family Link can only be used for kids under 13 years of age because after that kids can make their own Google accounts.

Tip#3:Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time

After you create Google Accounts for your kids (using the Family Link app), you can manage their screen time on Chromebook.

This is especially useful at bedtime, so you can ensure your kids will go to bed on time and not be exposed to too much blue light from the screens of the digital devices (especially at night).

How Screen Time Limits Work!

Once the time limit you set is reached, your kids won’t be able to use any apps or get any notifications

But before all this happens, they’ll get notified so they get to finish up what they’re doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Set Parental Controls in Specific Apps on Chromebook?

The Family Link parental control for Chromebook allows you to choose which apps can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store or Google Play Store and which apps can be accessed by your kids.

To choose which apps your kids can or can’t access, all you have to do is turn the button of the specified app on or off in the ‘App Permissions’ from your ‘Allowed List’.

It’s better to have a password (if the app offers that feature) so that your kids don’t learn how to undo the settings and access all the turned-off apps.

Q:Can My Kids Disable Parental Controls?

Yup! That’s definitely a possibility. Kids nowadays are better than you and me when it comes to the internet. They’ll probably find all the sneaky ways to disable these controls.

Will you find out if they do? Maybe. Some software will get you notified if something like this happens and some won’t.

So how can you know? Once you start using these controls, you’ll get a certain amount of notifications per day. One way is to keep an eye on these notifications and if you feel you’re getting a significantly less amount or no notifications every day, you can start to investigate the issue.

But it’s so crucial to make sure your parental control app isn’t affected by system updates or anything of that sort before declaring your kids guilty, as they might feel you don’t trust them enough.

Q: Will My Kids Know I’m Using Parental Controls?

It depends. Some types allow you to monitor your kids without them knowing.

But generally, it’s better to have a genuine conversation with your kids and try to tell them why you want to keep an eye on their internet activities. Let them know that your primary goal is to keep them safe.

Be careful, sometimes companies take advantage of parents’ worries and scam users/ buyers (especially if it’s a paid service).

Final Words

Having a good relationship with your kids, constantly talking to them, and ‘showing’ them how much you truly care about them are the best ways to ensure they’ll be safe on the internet.

Being your kids’ best friend will guarantee(almost) that they’ll trust you with their worries and their secrets, but extra help from things like parents controls won’t hurt as long as you’re open about them with your little ones.

For the most concerned parents, we recommend a great guide about keeping your kids safe online with parental controls to get a deeper understanding of how to keep them safe online.

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