Acer Chromebox CXI-2GKM Desktop

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Here comes new Acer chromebox , a cloud centric chrome os based desktop for normal users to access web on any size of the monitor or smart tv.Its a small form factor desktop furnished with secure and fast google Chrome os equivalent to Acer Chromebook.It gives a freedom to the users to access the web and all google chrome apps on big screens whether  on TVs or Big screen Monitors.Let’s have a look on Acer Chromebox CXI-2GKM Desktop Specs.


  • Intel Celeron Processor 2957U,
  • Google Chrome,
  • 2GB DDR3L Memory,
  • Intel HD Graphics,
  • 16GB SSD,
  • Digital Media Card Reader -Secure Digital (SD) Card,
  • High Definition Audio Support,
  • 4 – USB 3.0 Ports,
  • HDMI,
  • Gigabit Ethernet,
  • 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless,
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Keyboard and Mouse,
  • 1.21 lbs. | 550 g (system unit only),
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty with Toll Free Tech Support,
  • Registration/ Limited Warranty Card

 A  new Age Of Computing

Acer’s Chromebox loads content-rich webpages quickly, provide crisp video playback, and enable you to multitask effortlessly by allowing multiple pages to run at the same time.

This super simple Chromebox is compact, yet big on the features. Choose the monitor screen size you want or connect to your big screen, that’s the beauty of it. The HDMI® port makes it simple and the included VESA mounting bracket allows you to mount it to the back of your monitor or TV keeping your space clean.

Easy to set up, the Chromebox comes with a USB Keyboard and Mouse so you’re up and running right out of the box. Four USB 3.0 ports ensure you have enough ports to access or share media and files on external storage drives, such as a USB drive or an SD card. You can also conveniently connect Bluetooth® peripheral devices.

Best Of Google chrome OS

The Acer Chromebox, boots in less than 8 seconds, and automatically stays up-to-date (and virus free) without interrupting you. Powered by an Intel® Celeron® processor, based on the Intel Haswell microarchitecture, this Chromebox delivers fast performance to load content-rich webpages quickly and easily, enjoy great HD video playback and multitask effortlessly.

Store and access your photos, music, videos, documents and more from anywhere with Google Drive. It’s simple, and all your files are backed up automatically online, safely and securely. Plus enjoy 100 GB of free storage on Google Drive for two years.

View, edit and create Office documents, spreadsheets and presentation on-line or off-line. The Chrome store has hundreds of apps that are designed to be used even without Internet connection and everything synchs when back on line.

Chromebox has multiple layers of security to keep you safe and worry free. Plus with automatic updates, the Chromebox downloads security and software upgrades so you don’t have to. No more updates to track.

Stay Connected with You Favourit Google app

The Acer Chromebox keeps you connected to your favorite web sites and apps with Wi-Fi or Ethernet. After logging in you are immediately immersed in the Google ecosystem and you can surf the web with Google Search, read and send emails from Gmail, watch videos from YouTube, video chat with up to nine friends using Google+ Hangouts and access/create/edit docs spreadsheet and presentations with Google Drive.

The Chrome Web Store offers thousands of free apps, themes, and extensions to help you make the most of your Chromebox. Watch movies, play games or get work done (if you really have to). The Chromebox will keep it all fresh with automatic updates.

Feel safe sharing your Acer Chromebox with friends, family and even the occasional guest. Each user has their own login, files, apps and settings, so you never have to worry about anything getting messed up by someone else. Every time you sign into Chrome the bookmarks, history and settings are synched across all Chrome devices.

A bigger version with 4 GB DDR3L Memory flag named “Acer Chromebox CXI-4GKM Desktop” also available for a more powerful ,and speedy operations.

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