ASUS C214 Chromebook Review

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The ASUS C214 Chromebook is just what you’re looking for if you want a laptop at a bargain with solid features. The hardware and software perfectly complement each other to give you blazing-fast performance and then some. For any tasks at the office or at school, you won’t find this Chromebook breaking a sweat.

However, is it right for you dear reader? Let’s find out in this review for the ASUS C214.


Let’s begin with the internals of the C214. The base model has an Intel Celeorn N4000 processor with 4 GB of RAM. It also has 64 GB of eMMC storage. The specs can seem outdated, but don’t let that fool you. With the Chrome OS build that his baby runs, there is no stopping it. The apps open in seconds and run even faster. The device wakes instantly and booting takes about 20 seconds.

The battery life is great too. It lasts for about 10 to 11 hours of web browsing and working on the word processor.


The size and build of the ASUS C214 are for all the people that love to be mobile and bring their work with them. The Chromebook is small and robust so that you can carry it around without worrying about breaking it. It’s not made of metal, but the plastic build is uncharacteristically sturdy. That’s a great thing if you’re rushing from work to home or to meetings very frequently.

Either way, a robust build is great even if you’re not going from place to place every day. It means that you can place this on any surface and take it anywhere without worrying about the right padded surface.

The device is perfect for students making their first trip to college. The C214 can handle any assignment that a first-year student is given. Making presentations and submitting assignments will be a breeze on this Chromebook. Also, the first-year won’t have to worry about breaking this laptop because of its build either. So, they can keep it on their table or their beds and relax and do their work.

At 1.29 kilograms, the machine is very light. While you may think its dimensions make it a little chubby, it’s never going to disappoint you in the portability department. ASUS designed this one to take a beating and to travel.

Form Factor

The ASUS C214 Chromebook has a 2-in-1 form factor just like most other Chromebooks. That means you can use it right side up as a laptop and folded, as a tablet. The form factor, while not novel, gives its users free reign when they need to complete a task.

College students may find this extremely useful when they’re working on different assignments and projects. They can prop it on their desk and work on their assignment, or lay down on their bed and cradle it on their lap. Also, there is a tent mode which you can use for watching movies or videos when you feel like it.

The Chromebook can detect the orientation you put it in immediately. The software switches the orientation and the settings whenever you put it in tablet mode or tent mode.


The ASUS C214 has some great hardware to run nearly anything you can throw at it. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer for those hardware enthusiasts out there.


Let’s talk ports first. Normally, Chromebooks are known for skimping out on ports. However, the C214 does pretty well when you take a look at the offerings it has. Since it’s a bit chubby, it has room for some extra connections.

  • 2 USB-C ports for both data transfer and charging. One port is on either side of the laptop.
  • 1 USB type A port
  • A 3.5 mm headphone jack for headphones and for any mics
  • A microSD card reader with support for up to 2 TB


The screen of the ASUS C214 Chromebook is nothing too impressive. In a world where a 1080p resolution is a default, it charges at you with a 1366×768 resolution. The sub 1080p screen means that you won’t ever get the full HD experience on this Chromebook.

Also, the chunky bezels on all four sides mean that there is a lot of wasted screen real estate. The 11.6-inch screen may be big enough for you to do your work assignments, but it’s just not enough. Watching videos and films or TV shows on that screen with huge bezels on either side is just not a fun experience.

That being said, the brightness and color of the screen make reading web pages and Ebooks a good experience. While the bezels may not make this the best tablet or Chromebook, it still gets the job done.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard on the C214 is pretty good. The trackpad is similar. Both of them do a good job for their build. The keys have good travel at 1.5 mm and the trackpad doesn’t record false touches and is very responsive. If you’re using this Chromebook to blog or to work on assignments regularly, you’ll face no problems.

As said earlier, the C214 has solid hardware and a great build which won’t let you down. You can crackle on the keys all day long and you won’t make a dent.


This is where we get to the lukewarm part. While most of the ASUS C214 will satisfy your interests, that’s not accurate for the speaker. You will need to put on headphones for video calls and to listen to music. The built-in speaker is bad for either.  


The webcam is more bad news, but that’s not nearly as unusual. The webcams on most Chromebooks and most laptops are awful. They never go over 720p. They rarely ever go to 1080p and nearly never go above that. That’s awful when you consider that smartphones have had full HD front facing cameras for so long.

All in all, the webcam on the C214 is nothing to cheer for, but it’s not really much different from the competition. That’s only half the story though.  

The Second Webcam

There is a second webcam on the C214 located on the keyboard deck. This one bears a 5 MP camera which allows use in the tablet mode. While it’s not top tier, it’s a marked improvement on the main webcam.   

Operating System

With all the updates that come with Chrome OS, you won’t ever have to worry about security or speed. This is a solid project by Google which aims not only to give you laptop-like performance, but integrate Android OS. You can pair your phone with the ASUS C214 Chromebook and unlock several features.

For one, you can unlock your Chromebook with your phone. Second, you can also install and port different apps. You can also transfer files in between the two devices whenever you want. That’s a great way to remove dongles and disks from your life forever.

Chrome OS is also a consistently evolving system. The OS is an incredibly versatile system that can not only get the job done but also allows for entertainment and leisure. While it may not be equal to Windows or Mac OS, it’s certainly a great OS for work and play.

You get the Google Suite and all the features that come with it. You also get great goodies like free trials and months of free services for entertainment, work, and play.

You can edit photos, watch videos, work on assignments, code, and play games. That’s basically everything you could ever want.


Now for the part that you’ve all been waiting for. How does the C214 perform? Well the answer is blazing fast. You can have Google Chrome open with about 10 or 11 tabs and the processor won’t skip a beat. That goes for all the apps like Pixlr, YouTube, Gmail, etc. The battery life is enough to get you through a normal work day and then some. You won’t miss a single beat with this thing.

That’s where the internals and the externals come together to deliver one of the best Chromebooks out there.

Final Verdict

You may think the ASUS C214 Chromebook is a slouch or a beast based on individual features. However, the truth is that it’s the best of both worlds. It’s chunky and robust, but it’s also portable. It’s got some solid internals and it delivers performance well. It’s also got great software built in to handle everything from a day at the office to a day of leisure.

If you’re looking to get a Chromebook for your first year of college or for work, this is a great companion. It won’t run out of juice, and it won’t stutter. It’s a Chromebook that is waiting to get the job done and it won’t break a sweat doing it either.

The ASUS C214 Chromebook is a solid machine which is a bargain at the price.

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