ASUS Chromebook C223 Review!

Asus is well-known to make the best Chromebooks with excellent performance at affordable prices. The impressive and incredible range of ASUS Chromebook C223, with its stellar design, and beautiful bright Red color is something that ASUS beats the other Chromebook makers. Without ASUS, we could arguably conclude that Chromebooks would not be enjoying as much market dominance as they have today.

ASUS Chromebook C223NA

With that, lets now focus on one of the ASUS Chromebooks C223NA. Having used this product for some time, I have come to like its performance and durability. Here is the full review of this excellent product.

Design and Hardware

As for as design is concerned, the C223 has an excellent design. The gorgeous minimalist design has continuously won the hearts of many consumers making it more likable and cherishable.

It has a plastic-rubber chassis that gives it the ability to resist and absorb shocks. Notably, can survive a 4-foot drop onto a concrete floor making it probably one of the most durable laptops available. Additionally, the C223NA has a compact design giving effortless mobility.

It is lightweight with approximately 2.2 pounds. Excellent build quality slim with one of the thinnest profiles of any Chromebook. Has a footprint that is smaller than the A4 sheet of paper.
Chromebook c223 has an exceptional appearance with color that stands out from the generic Chromebooks. It only available in two colors which is red and the gray.

This Asus Chromebook comes with two USB-C ports, one 3.1 USB port, and dual band wifi. It has no cd or microdrive. The screen size is 1360 * 768 pixels with a front HD camera and an anti-glare display.

Performance and Softwares

Well, what can we say rather than hail at its overhyped performance? In a nutshell, the C223NA has a pretty strong performance. The dual-core Intel processor enables it to perform exceptionally speedy making it one of the most efficient laptops. You can open up to 10 tabs on your chrome browser, open a new window and carry multiple tasks without any problem.

The extended battery life, allows you to do anything you want and enjoy using your laptop for as long as 10 hrs of continuous usage with the screen on. The battery capacity is 39Watt-hour battery.

The laptops come with a pre-installed chrome OS. It has a 4GB ram and a processor speed of 2.4 GHz although it can expand up to 2.7 under good working conditions. Notably, there is a 32 GB hard drive and impressive Bluetooth connectivity. The hard disk is expandable, and you can easily add a microSD card if necessary.

The operating system

Chromebook C223NA runs on the Chrome OS. The OS comes pre-installed along with a building virus protection, configured to update automatically. It also reboots fast and maintains fast performance over time.

As usual, this Chromebook comes with all the essential Google apps that you love which means that you can easily download files, run and configure apps, modify and create documents as you see fit. You can also edit Microsoft documents into google docs, slides, and sheets.

The installed google play store allows you to access and download favorite games, apps, music, videos, books, magazines as well as save your favorite tv shows all on your Chromebook. 
In addition to the built-in hard-disk, the chrome book also comes with an additional 100 Gb google drive space to continuously backup your files.

Speakers and Sound 

This exceptional Chromebook comes with two internally fixed mini speakers which are decently placed. They are designed to produce powerfully clear sound with a stereo effect. Amazingly, the device has no fan. Therefore, the sound comes out clean and clear giving you an immersive experience for both music and video stream.


Chromebook C223 has 11.6-inch LED-backlit screen. The display is anti-glare and produces bright stunningly colors which allow you to enjoy crisp, explicit chats. Additionally, the HD front camera produces a quality picture to enable you to chat confidently as you enjoy your perfect, bright and accurate colors of yourself.

The display is also adjustable as you can comfortably control the screen brightness and dimness. Confidently, we can conclude that, once you start watching videos on your Chromebook C223, you enter into a world of fantasy and only you can describe the feeling.

Keyboard and touch

C223 has a great keyboard with a perfect layout. It is 1.4-millimeter travel, has a decent appearance, and all you want to is touch it once you see it. we guarantee you will have an excellent typing experience once use. It also offers soft key presses with no backlight. Although it lacks backlights, it isn’t much of a problem since the screen is perfectly bright.

Support and warranty

Asus offers kind and attractive services. The support system is a little hard to get, and calls take longer than expected. However, once you get through, they are incredibly supportive. On the warranty, there are two warranty types. The manufacture and the seller.

Most sellers allow return only on dead on arrival or if the product arrives damaged. As for ASUS, they also allow you to return the unopened boxes for a refund within 30 days of purchase

Value and Selection

The ASUS Chromebook C223 is unapologetically cheap. The price ranges from $210-$230. In a market dominated by great laptops, Asus has managed to produce an awesome product at a consumer-oriented cost. 

Final thought

For such an excellent product, most people get a feeling that this device is only overhyped. However, after examining and listening to the concerns, complaint, compliments, and recommendations of most users, we were able to come up with a list of pros and cons of C223 Chromebook


  • Long lasting battery 
  • Produces clear high definition pictures on the screen
  • It is super lightweight
  • It is compact, slim design and perfect for desktop and lap use
  • Reasonably priced for such a speedy performance.


  • Microsoft products are only available at a subscription price
  • the body isn’t entirely durable

Value for Money

Now, it is time to determine whether it is worth buying this Chromebook? As you have seen it is a great product and offers the best value for the money. We highly recommend Asus Chromebook C223 is worth buying at such a little price but a beautiful and high-performance online companion.

ASUS Chromebook C223








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  • Long lasting battery
  • Produces clear high definition pictures It is super lightweight It is compact, slim design and perfect for desktop and lap use Reasonably priced for such a speedy performance.
  • It is super lightweight
  • It is compact, slim design and perfect for desktop and lap use
  • Reasonably priced for such a speedy performance.


  • Microsoft products are only available at a subscription price
  • body isn’t entirely durable
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Review Summery

The ASUS Chromebook c223 11.6-inch is a beautiful Chromebook with a dual-core Intel processor and gives you the freedom of long-lasting battery life.

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