Best Travel Accessories for Chromebook

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Whether you are on your way to a local coffee shop to meet your friend or you are taking a trip to another country with your Chromebook, you would need a lot of accessories to make sure your Chromebook stays safe and that you can make the most of it.

When traveling, you don’t always have all the resources everywhere you are headed to, meaning that you cannot use your Chromebook as easily as you could back home. This is quite an unfortunate situation as you won’t be able to use your Chromebook as comfortably as you did at home. But who says you have to bear with it? You can always get your hands on some travel accessories for Chromebook to make the most of what you’ve got. In this article, we have listed down the best travel accessories for Chromebook so you can take it anywhere with you safely and easily. So let’s get to it, shall we?

The Most Essential Travel Accessories for Chromebook

1. A Laptop Bag or a Sleeve

When you are out, you are exposing your Chromebook to outside elements such as dust, liquids, pollutants, and possible chances of hitting it on surfaces. And if you are a clumsy person like me, you would definitely end up dropping your Chromebook as you have multiple things in your hand. In this case, a laptop bag or a sleeve becomes essential and a must-have.

A laptop bag for your Chromebook would ensure that your computer stays safe from any bumps, drops, and hits and that it also keeps your Chromebook safe from dust. If you get a laptop bag, it would also offer you space to store additional accessories such as your charger, your headphone, your mouse, and other accessories.

If you don’t want a bulky laptop bag, you can buy a laptop sleeve to keep your Chromebook safe. A laptop sleeve would not only keep the dust and debris from entering into the ports of your Chromebook but also occupy less space wherever you keep it. Laptop bags and sleeves come in various styles, storage capacities, and colors to choose from. So if you are someone who loves to maintain their style, get your hands on a stylish laptop sleeve.

2. A USB Mouse

Many laptop users prefer using their laptops with a mouse as it is more convenient and easy. However, if you are traveling and you have limited space, you can’t carry your big wired mouse everywhere. In this case, you would want to invest in a USB mouse that is tiny enough to fit in your laptop bag.

Chromebooks easily support external mice and even have the settings to configure any additional buttons or adjust their pointer speed. You can buy cheap, no fuss USB mice in any local electronic store. They would especially come in really handy if you are using your Chromebook for extended hours.

3. A Wireless Headphone

Another great travel accessory to buy for your Chromebook is a wireless headphone. If you are traveling with your Chromebook, you would often have to deal with a lot of background noise at the airport, in the flight, and on your stay in a foreign land. The continuous noise from barking dogs, crying babies, and revving cars would prove to be intolerable, especially if you need to focus when working on your Chromebook.

So if you don’t want to hear these noises, you should consider buying a wireless headphone. Get yourself a set of noise-canceling headphones, handsfree, or earbuds so you can easily hang out in public places without getting annoyed by the noise. Just put them on, mute the background noise, and use your Chromebook without getting distracted.

4. Wireless Speakers

If you are traveling somewhere for fun, you would want to grab a pair of good speakers to dance to your favorite tunes anywhere. You can easily find compact external speakers anywhere that you can connect with your Chromebook and listen to your favorite music, watch a good movie, or show a video to your friends with amazing sound quality. Chromebooks can support both wired and wireless USB speakers. So you can easily connect any of them to your Chromebook and enjoy good quality sound without having to carry any bulky speakers.

5. More Storage

No matter where you are traveling or what you are traveling for, you are bound to take pictures. And by pictures, we mean A LOT of pictures. So naturally, you would need a lot of memory to store these pictures. Chromebooks come with limited storage space that easily gets filled. Therefore, if you are someone who travels frequently, you would need more storage so you can keep your photos, videos, music, and some movies to watch when you are bored at the airport. Get your hands on a microSD card that will have you covered up for storage.

6. An LED Light

If you are someone who has to work on their computer no matter where they are, you would want your keyboard to be lit enough for you to type. Not every Chromebook comes with backlit keyboards, which leaves you unable to work especially if you are in a dark place. Therefore, consider getting a flexible USB light to connect into the USB port and keep your keyboard lit as you are working with the lights off. These lights come in quite handy and are very cheap. You can easily find them in an online store.

7. A Charging Cable

Traveling frequently means you don’t always have access to an electric socket to keep your gadgets charged all the time. But if you have a laptop on the go, you can keep all your gadgets charged, including your smartphone, your camera, your wireless earbuds, and any other gadget you carry with you. You would just need to have the right charging cable with you to make this happen. So make sure you have all the necessary charging cables for your gadgets that can be connected to the USB port of your Chromebook anytime. Get your hands on a high-quality cable that won’t break even if you bend it.

8. A USB-C Hub

If you don’t have a lot of ports in your Chromebook and you have a lot of gadgets and other external devices that you connect to your Chromebook, consider investing in a USB-C hub. A USB-C hub is portable, handy, and convenient. It allows you to connect multiple devices at a time, including your HDMI cable, an ethernet cable, a USB external device, storage cards, and more. It is especially essential for those who use their Chromebook primarily for work.

9. A High-Speed Charger

If your Chromebook takes too long to charge, it can be quite a hassle especially for travelers. For such users, a high-speed charger always comes in handy as these chargers charge your Chromebooks at a much higher rate than your dedicated Chromebook charger. Moreover, they are quite portable and occupy little space.


This list pretty much sums up the most essential travel accessories for Chromebook. If you are traveling with your Chromebook in the near future, get your hands on these accessories now!

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