How to Turn on Chrome OS Developer Mode?

Generally, the chrome os developer mode offers you a level of control and management of your OS in a manner comparable to rooting an Android phone or jailbreaking an iPhone.

Certain Chromebooks have a physical switch for developer mode, and Chromium keeps a list of all such models.

For other models, there is a specific set of instructions that you should follow to virtually enable developer mode on your Chromebook.

However, you should consider a few potential issues after enabling developer mode on your Chromebook.

First and foremost, enabling this mode automatically voids your Chromebook warranty, as Google will not accept responsibility for any issues with your device after activating this mode.

Secondly, it will lose many of its security features that Google put in place to protect your Chromebook. Thirdly, it is easy to wipe your hard drive accidentally by pressing the spacebar while the Chromebook boots up.

Enabling Developer Mode

Enabling the chrome os developer mode only takes a few steps.

1. Ensure that Chromebook is already shut down. While it is powered down, you should press and hold the Refresh + ESC keys, then power on the device through its power button. Note that the refresh key is typically the F3 key on most Chromebooks.

2. After some time, the Chromebook screen will show a Recovery display. This display notifies you that the Chromebook OS is damaged or missing but the reality of the situation is that everything is fine. Simply press Ctrl+D and wait a few minutes for the system to reboot.

3. Once your Chromebook reboots, it will prepare your OS for developer mode without any further assistance.

Disabling Developer Mode

Disabling Chromebook OS’s developer mode is pretty straightforward. You just need to restart it normally. The recovery screen will return, informing you that OS verification is OFF. Follow the screen’s instruction and hit the spacebar key.

Returning your Chromebook OS to normal will require you to follow the on-screen instructions. Just keep in mind that disabling the developer mode will remove all data that is locally-stored.


The chrome os developer mode offers you many interesting features and ways to change how the OS operates. This mode permits you access to the developer shell called “Crosh.” Since the Chrome OS comes from Linux, it is capable of running many Linux commands. You can even install the Linux desktop environment and use it on your Chromebook.

Be warned that enabling developer mode will remove all of the Chrome OS’s built-in security measures. This process will also clear out your locally-stored data and any stored login information. It would be wise to back up your data before starting this process, or you most likely lose it all.

Developer mode gives you a lot of power over your Chromebook. However, if you are irresponsible or careless., then if you can also do a great deal of harm to your data or to how the Chromebook operates.

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