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chrome os review
Is Google Chrome OS any good?

Google’s Chrome OS is quite different from the most conventional computing system around the planet, and yet the most misunderstood as well. 

Chrome Os based laptops (called Chromebooks) are manufactured differently from traditional Computers we are using for decades.

That results,  a lot of concerns like, how chrome os functions, what Chromebooks can and can not do. Because of being very cost-effective people wants to know first hand, whether a Chromebook could be appropriate for their requirements?

Let´s discuss google´s flagship OS comprehensively, what is chrome Os, Its features, what it offers to end-users as well as limitations of the Chrome OS atmosphere. 

What is The chrome os?

Chrome os Stands for Google Chrome Operating System is a lightweight, fast, minimalist operating system, developed by Google around the year 2011. It based on Linux Kernal, with just a single application, chrome web browser.

what is chrome os

That same web browser we use on our Windows systems to surf the web. In chrome Os based computers called Chromebooks, it works as a single user interface of the Operating system.

Chrome os runs on Chromebooks, specifically designed for this lightweight speedy operating system.

Fast Speed Booting

A common problem experienced with other operating systems is that they take a really long time to start. But this is not the case with Chrome OS.

Chrome Os is lightweight and fast, does not require large local storage to install and run,

it has only one application to deal with to work, which is a Chrome Web Browser. 

Consequently, Chromebooks are lightweight in terms of the hardware side. They can work on the smallest hard disk and minimal RAM. That makes a Chromebook quite easy on pockets. 

At first, Chromebooks were manufactured with standard 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB only, but these days you could have much more upgraded versions of Chromebooks, obviously with an extra cost.

Automatic Update

Chrome OS updates occur automatically, but you can check the Settings > About panel to examine if your version is the most up to date. 

You can additionally sync browser favorites, background images, in short, whatever in your Google account .mail, docs, and YouTube video. between your Android phone as well as the Chrome OS computer system. 

Cloud Storage

It would be fairly justified if we consider, that the main idea behind the Chromebook is a cloud-centric device to access the data from the cloud environment around the globe 

All of the data you can store on Google Drive and the offered 100 GB storage, which comes with your Chromebook just need to claim that storage. 

Now you can get the idea of small local hard disks motive. Although you can have other external storage options s to store your sensitive data away from the google eyes.


You do not need any third-party security software to protect your Chromebook, as Chrome OS boasts a number of levels of security, beginning with a verified boot, automatic updates, and sandboxing where every App executes in a container that does not have accessibility to the rest of the system.

However, you still have to log in with a full password on start-up (which is your google account password). As soon as you’re up and also running (and also before that), a well-designed Assist application can help you in transferring to, establishing, and utilizing your Chrome OS Device. That´s cool enough.

Long runtime

Another beneficial feature of this operating system is its long runtime. According to Google, this OS optimizes your battery’s performance by making it possible to watch, play and accomplish other tasks using minimal charge.

Ease of connecting Devices


Chrome OS has respectable multi-monitor assistance. Just plugged the USB-C port into an HDMI adapter and a widescreen display, the system quickly extended the display screen to the exterior monitor. It also allows you to mirror or shut off the major display. Network Adapter. Many individuals will certainly establish a Chrome OS computer with a Wi-Fi connection, however, it supports Ethernet adapters for those that need a wired connection.


Chrome Os has less good luck with printers, It supports Google Cloud Print-enabled printers. If you have one, the setting is much easier. You just pick “Include a nearby printer” in the Settings. 

It couldn’t instantly identify as well as set up a local network printer as mac OS and Windows can. But you can enter an IP address and also download and install a driver. However, a Chrome OS driver was not easily available. It is a minor drawback though!

How to Start \ use chrome os

To start with Chrome OS, you just need to buy a Chromebook, then plug it in the power supply, and push the power button. The first display is to choose your language and access options. The latter consists of Chrome Voice comments, huge mouse arrow, comparison setting, screen magnifier, and also on-screen key-board. Attach to the Web.

Next off, you have to sign in to a Google account , and that’s it.

After logging into a Gmail account, a message asks you about sync the settings with the browsing background and “customize Look, plus many other Google solutions.

There is literally no need to install any other application to work on the system, Though you can add any App from Google web store later.

After logging into a Gmail account, a message asks you about sync the settings with the browsing background and “customize Look, many other Google solutions.

1: Initial Customising

Following comes an Android app feature and accepting Google Play’s terms of service. This involves concurring to store application information on Google Drive. It additionally entails sharing your area with Google location solutions and permitting apps to instantly download and also update.

When that’s done, the desktop computer finally appears! The Google voice arrangement pops up initially, which entails a few even more privacy consents.

After permitting Assistant, Chrome OS takes you through a brief yet delightful trip of all its charms, highlighting locations of interest along with the method. 

2: Users on Chrome Os

One feather in Chrome OS’s cap is the convenience with which you can switch users, though mac OS and Windows make this quite simple already. Chrome OS adds the ability to conveniently visit as a guest account directly from the browser window.

3: The Launcher

Rather, you use the Launcher or the Dock. The Launcher, around switch at lower left, resembles the Windows Start switch and mac OS’s Launchpad. The Launcher. This tool provides quick access to applications and search. 

But Chrome OS’s version of the launcher is much less practical than Windows’ Start, which also admits to settings, power, as well as bigger floor tiles for your favored applications, which is specifically handy with touch screens.

4: The Rack

The Rack. The dock or taskbar along the base of the display, which Google calls the rack, just has some Google apps by default. After you run an application, such as Google Photos, from the app panel that glides up when you drag out launcher switch, no separate symbol appears for it in the dock.

5: Default Folders

The only local folder is called Downloads, yet thankfully you can include subfolders to that. There are additionally high-level folders for Photos, Videos as well as Audio. Two-finger click provides other options to open a data info panel. The docked bottom bar has a default app Selection. This strip at the right of the Rack shows the moment, Wi-Fi status, and also battery standing.

Bottom Line

Startup speed alone stands apart of the Chrome OS systems could make a lot of aspects of typical computer settings really feel obsolete: 

The Tiresome arrangement and timeconsuming installment procedures; the frustrating as well as Costly OS upgrades, the requirement to manually applications and core system update.

The demand to use antivirus software to protect your system along with possibility as well as the potential of infection. the challenging drivers; and the inevitable bogged-down, slowed-down result that always appears to PCs.

Chrome os has changed the Concept of a computer without the typical complexity of a computer by something recognizable and functional. From the very beginning Chrome, OS certainly maintains improving every day. Eventually, it is getting closer to be all set for all.

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