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Reasons Why a Chromebook is the Best Computer for You

Chromebooks are often referred to as the “black sheep” among computers. But the days when Chromebooks were just cheap laptops that you couldn’t rely on are long gone. Today’s Chromebooks are super powerful and can easily compete with traditional laptops. Chromebook manufacturers have introduced a number of innovations in these devices. This, coupled with their […]

4 New Best Chrome OS Features that You Should Explore

These days we get to see regular improvements in the functionality and performance of Chromebooks. Google has been making leaps and bounds in improving the functionality of these devices and redefining their potential. The benefits they bring, the programs they offer, the capabilities they offer, and the way they interact with Android to offer a […]

Chromebook vs. iPad: Which One Should You Get?

Today, when you think of buying a computer, you have many options to choose from, including desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. However, tablets and laptops are more popular due to their portability and convenience. When making a purchase decision, it gets incredibly hard to figure out which one of these options you should choose. While […]

Chrome OS Flex: Everything You Need to Know

Chrome OS Flex is Google’s newly released operating system for Windows and Mac PCs to modernize your old computers. If you have old Windows and Mac hardware lying around in your house, you can install Chrome OS Flex on them to transform them into fast and reliable Chromebooks. We absolutely love this concept to turn […]

Opera Optimized for Chromebook

Chromebooks are online computers that only used to run Google Chrome browsers until Opera decided to optimize its browser for Chromebooks. That’s right! Opera is now the first third-party web browser that has been optimized for Chromebooks, which means that you can now run Opera on all models of Chromebooks. Read on to find out everything […]

10 Useful Chromebook Tips and Tricks

There are millions of Chromebook users all over the world who prefer these machines due to their simplicity. However, despite being simple, not every Chromebook feature is easily accessible and usable by everyone. There are a lot of Chromebook power features that are just waiting to be used by users to their full potential. However, […]

How to Fix a Chromebook that Won’t Turn On

Do you find it frustrating when you are on a tight deadline, and your computer won’t turn on? Having an electronic device that won’t turn on is extremely frustrating. But what’s more frustrating is not knowing the cause of it. There are many reasons why your Chromebook may not turn on. In this detailed how-to […]

A Guide to Using a Chromebook Offline

You may have heard a million times by now that a Chromebook is a cloud-centric device that does not offer you a lot of offline usage. But what if you do not have access to the internet for a few days? Does your Chromebook become useless, or is there any way you can make it […]

The Most Essential Chromebook Accessories Every Chrome User Should Have

Chromebooks are a great productivity machine that is ideal for users who don’t have any offline computing needs. There are some Chromebook accessories that can help with your workloads and make things more seamless for you.

For instance, using a wireless or a wired mouse with your Chromebook instead of the trackpad is sometimes more convenient and comfortable […]

Here’s What Every Chromebook User Should Know

If you have recently switched to Chromebook, it may take a while for you to adjust to the new operating system. A Chromebook is nothing like your traditional laptops. It is an online computer that solely functions on a web browser. You can’t use it as a traditional laptop to download files, use it for […]