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Chromebook Accessories

Best Wireless Mouse for Chromebooks-Top 3 Models

In recent years, the popularity and subsequent demand for Chromebooks have also brought a huge demand for Chromebooks peripheral devices or accessories for day to day computing tasks.

And while its reasonable pricing is a major contributor, there’s more to these personal computing machines than meets the eye. They’re fast, user-friendly and come with long-lasting batteries. […]

Chromebook Covers Reviews-Protect with Ease

When it comes to electronics, I always stick to the motto “Cover and Protect”. Ever since their release, Chromebooks have been getting more popular by the day, and so, Chromebook covers became a necessity to keep them safe because let’s face it, you didn’t spend big cash on your device only to have it ruined […]

Best SD Card for Chromebook- Chromebook Storage Ideas

Using an SD card is the best and easiest way to expand the Chromebook storage. The small Chromebook internal storage is the biggest concern for some local storage dependent users.

Since Chromebooks are compatible with SD cards with the capacities of up to 128 GB, you just need to choose one that is durable and […]

The 10 Best Chromebook Apps for Kids

Chromebooks are light and thin and portable so they’re a great substitute for huge laptops or gaming PCs for kids. You can actually use them to help educate your kids or entertain them all the same. There are great educational and entertaining apps and games out there for kids on Chromebooks.

All apps you can […]

Top Chromebook Accessories

With the growing popularity of Chromebooks folks are buying these low cost but super-fast, high performing portable laptops. Just like traditional laptops Chromebooks also need extra peripheral or accessories to run smoothly for day to day computing operations. No one can deny the effectiveness of a wireless mouse or high-end Bluetooth headphones for a crisp […]