How can You “Customize Your Google Chrome Os”

One of the pleasure of owning a computer, may it be a desktop or laptop, is the choice of customizing it. Being able to put up your own wallpaper or to choose preferred icons and apps. It kind of feels that your computer reflects who you are and what you are.

You can actually tell a PC owner’s personality based on how and what his or her computer is or how vividly his or her desktop may look like. Its style app preference or even only the background color would describe the owners’ style and pursuit.


Might be you are wondering since the Chrome OS does not have a conventional desktop and putting up your own wallpaper is not an option, How can customizing this operating system be possible? That’s where apps, extensions or themes will be highly needed and useful to Customize Your Google Chrome Os as you like with little constraints

So if you are concerned about not having features to customize the Chrome OS and the Chrome itself, there are actually many ways to consider in order for you to be able to customize your Chrome OS with your personal touch.


The Chrome Web Store has thousands of themes to choose from, which are all compatible with the Chrome OS. The most basic thing associated with themes is the wallpaper. Inside the Chrome OS build are multiple options on how you wanted to set your wallpaper, either by choosing from the existing wallpapers or by uploading your own preferred wallpaper to your homepage, but must be either locally stored or saved in the Google Drive.

You can also personalize your Chrome apps on how they open, either by pinning tabs, separate windows or even a full-screen mode. “Pinned tabs” or “pinning tabs”, once you click on the apps it will launch in a pinned tab manner that re-opens in the browser once you’ve closed it. While the “”full-screen view” is better with Write Space application. If you chose the “Window” option then it will open in a specific window without any location bar.

Screen menus and buttons can also be customized based on what suits your demands. Options “Manage apps in the apps list” or “ Manage apps pinned to the shelf” will permit you to control which apps appear on the apps list, while the apps that are used more often can be pinned to the shelf.

The browser toolbar display can also be adjusted either by “Hide the bookmarks bar” or “Turn on the Home Button” which is set up for easier access to your favorite sites and bookmarks. While display settings of the shelf and status area can also be controlled by “Auto-hide shelf” which hides the shelf all the time or the  “Shelf position” which displays the shelf on the bottom, left or right edge of the screen.

You can also customize your Chrome OS taskbar by clicking on the App Launcher then select Pin to Launcher, any app in the App Launcher can be stationed along the taskbar.

Creating shortcuts are also an alternative for apps, if you wanted an app shortcut to be placed on your desktop, start menu or hold it pinned to the taskbar. Simply right-click on the app you have selected, then go to create shortcut.

Another style to customize your web apps is by syncing them having it available on every computer or device you use. Function to Tools then Options followed by Personal Stuff and if sync is enabled, click on Customize.


Among the thousands of apps or extensions available for Chrome OS there are some that are favored for its functionality plus adds up to the customizing style.

  •  The Google Dictionary provides pop up definitions and will also get you into a full page of info              related to the word
  •  The Mini Google Maps which is very usable for people who loves to go places or simply on                        multiple location jobs. It gives an address, city name, or even a landmark and offers a much             better solution with its small map that pops up floating over the site.
  •  Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer with this extension it will easily allow you to view or read PDF files in  the browser window. Providing you to control its layout, size, flipping between pages and search   function.
  •  Tab Menu gives you a vertical listing of tabs, along with a set of keyboard shortcuts to make working with the list easily.
  • Google Mail Check Plus allows you to check mails, read, reply and compose message instantly.
  • Sports Scoreboard feeds real-time NFL, MLB, NBA, MHL, and NCAA College football and basketball scores best app for sports fanatics who wanted to be updated with their favorite                 team.
  • Weather Window Beta gives you weather update literally with a virtual window to look out based on your location.

With all these amazing ways provided to personalize your Chrome OS is the pitiful fact that you cannot just drag, drop, and rearrange the apps on the browser. So you simply have to bear with how the apps are placed and just customize them to fit your preference.

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