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Google finally released the extra stylish, versatile and user-friendly Google tablet into the market recently. The Pixel Slate is not just another tablet but it turns into a hybrid laptop when powered with Chrome OS to make it one of the best devices to use for both work and play. Find out all about the new addition to the booming world of hybrid laptops on our Google Pixel Slate review.

Features of the Google Pixel Slate

One of the things that make the Google Pixel Slate stand out making it a worthy competition are the features, here they are…

Design and Display

Just like majority of Google products, Google Pixel Slate has a simple but elegant design. The Pixel Slate’s body is anodised aluminium that comes in just one colour. The colour is midnight blue and that is the only choice in the market now. The appearance of the Pixel Slate is very clear and the only thing Google has on the tablet is their G logo.

By looking at it, one may assume that the metal build makes the Pixel Slate heavy. This, however, is not the case because the pixel skate weighs only 16 lbs. anodized not too light but not heavy either.

The metal build also gives it sturdiness and a certain sleek look. The Pixel Slate has curved sides, round corners and an edge glass curved to make it comfortable to hold and beautiful to look at.

Google Pixel Slate

The Pixel Slate has bezels that give you enough resting area for your thumbs. The bezels may seem thick but besides giving your thumbs comfort, they also make room for the Pixel Slates speakers.

The slate comes with two incredible front-facing speakers that are clear, crisp and loud with no distortions. The high quality of the speakers makes it interesting and appealing to watch and listen to anything because the sound goes directly to the ears. 

The Pixel Slate comes with two USB charging ports. The ports can charge and transfer output and data to any display. The same USB ports also serve as headphone jacks as the Pixel Slate does bit come with any other jacks.

Luckily, for those that may want to use headphones, you can still use one port and charge your Pixel Slate with the other port simultaneously. The ports appear on the left and right sides of the gadget if you in a vertical position. When you mold your Pixel Slate in a portrait position, the ports appear one at the top and the other at the bottom.

The keyboard is another feature that is a first for many people. The cover of the keyboard has a very stylish look and it feels pleasant to the touch. It also makes it easier for the tablet to slide and slip into place effortlessly.

The keys are circular, making Google Pixel Slate to be the first ever gadget to come with round keys. You do have to worry about charging the keyboard separately because it gets its power from the tablet.

Copper connection points and magnets hold the keyboard and tablet together and once you attach them, you can do everything you need without worrying about Bluetooth pairing or using any other devices. 

To make the display complete, the Pixel Slate comes with a stylus pen. Though not as productive as the apple pencil or galaxy s pen, it does its work well Google does not provide a place on the slate to carry the stylus pen so you have to find your own way of carrying it along. 

On each side of the Pixel Slate are two 8MP cameras. The cameras are not for taking pictures but for video calling. 


The Google Pixel Slate comes in five different configurations and with varying RAM storage. The performance of the Pixel Slate therefore depends on the type of configuration and Intel chip you choose.

The highest model of the Pixel Slate has a configuration of Core i7 and its performance is great. Regardless of the configuration, you choose, Google does not offer expandable storage so you have to do with what comes with the Pixel Slate, 

The Pixel Slate also comes with 48WHr battery that gives you uninterrupted usage for 12 hours. Though the variations may vary depending on your mileage, you can at least enjoy 9 to 10 hours of usage with one charge

Google Pixel Slate uses both an Android parity and Window OS that allow you to use any Android without any difficulties. The chrome OS also allows the Pixel Slate to make great use of features like blue light reduction, do not disturb and split screening apps. 


Though the price is slightly less than that of the iPad Pro, Google Pixel Slate is expensive. Prices differ according to the models with the highest selling for $999. The price does not include the keyboard and the stylus pen that sell separately for $99.

The good and the bad of Google Pixel Slate

The Good

. Comes with a sturdy metal body build
. Sleek, thin and beautiful design
. Vibrant and sharp display
. Well-designed and unique keyboard
. A fast and efficient fingerprint sensor
. Dual clear and effective speakers
. Fast and efficient performance

The Bad

. Comes with only one choice of colour
. Has no headphone jack
. Comes with no expandable storage for all the models
. Expensive as compared to many other models in the market because you can spend close to $2000 for the tablet and its accessories


Though the price may seem higher than many other models in the market, Google Pixel Slate is a great device with a unique and beautiful design. The performance of the Pixel Slate is also unmatched if you are in the market for Chrome OS devices. I would say go for this device if you are looking for great performance coupled with style. The Google Pixel Slate takes Chrome operating systems to a completely new level. Not many tablets turned into laptops will give you the same kind of services the Google Pixel Slate will give you.

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