HP Chromebook 14-inch with 180-Degree Hinge

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HP Chromebook 14 Review

Chrome OS has already made a mark among computer users. That is why; more and more people are trying to switch over to Chrome OS from Windows 10. The problem which they faced earlier was that most of the Chromebook laptops had a smaller screen. This however changed with HP Chromebook 14-inch series with a Good screen, sound, and long battery life.

Hp Chromebook 14

In addition to 14 inches of FHD display, it also incorporated Intel dual-core processor which made it operate at a higher efficiency. Today, we will review the HP Chromebook 14-inch series in order to help you understand why it packs a punch and is a formidable alternative to Windows 10 laptops.


The slim and elegant design along with 180 hinge ensures that you are able to easily set the display at an angle which is convenient to you. You can collaborate with others around you with the help of the adjustable display angle easily. Moreover, with 2 different colors to choose from that is white and grey, you will be able to pick the one which suits your requirements the best. Thus, when it comes to design, due to the super slim and sleek design, you will have no problems at all from this laptop.


  • Display: 14 inches HD
  • Inbuilt storage: 16 GB eMMC
  • Memory: 4 GB DDR 4
  • Processor: Intel Celeron N3350 processor
  • Chrome OS
  • Battery life: up to 11 hours 30 minutes

HP Chromebook 14-inch Models

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Webcam and Ports:

The connectivity options which are provided by this Chromebook are second to none. It consists of an HP true vision HD camera. The dual-microphone is integrated with the WebCam. Thus, you will be able to initiate and continue with video calls quite easily.

When you look at the external ports, there are a headphone/microphone provided along 2 USB 3.1 ports and 2 USB 3.1 point type C ports. There is also a steam media card reader which is provided. Thus, it becomes easier for you to not only transfer data but also read your memory cards with the help of this Chromebook. There is no dearth of connectivity options.

Battery Life:

On a hybrid usage basis, this Chromebook can easily last for 11 hours and 30 minutes on a single charge. As compared to the other Chromebooks, its battery performance is superlative. Thus, throughout the day you will be able to use the Chromebook without any need for charging it again.


The main USP of this Chromebook is the HD anti-glare WLED backlit display. It has a resolution of 1366 x 768. With crystal clear display, each and every vivid detail of the movie or the game which you are playing is clearly visible on this Chromebook. This makes it much better than the other smaller laptops running on Chrome OS.


Having a display of just 14 inches, the Chromebook does not compromise on the audio quality. It consists of dual speakers along with B&O Play. With the help of dual speakers, you can be sure that the audio which is reproduced by this laptop is pretty immersive. Also, the entire audio frequency range is adequately reproduced which ensures that you are able to get crystal clear sound without missing a single note or frequency.


Understandably, due to its smaller size, that keyboard is not the most comfortable. However, in spite of 1.3 MM of spacing between the keys, it is actually reasonably accurate. When you try out the 10fastfingers typing test, the accuracy stands at 95% on average but the speed can be a bit reduced as compared to your normal typing speed. However, considering the fact that it is compact and has less space between the keys, this gives a pretty good performance.


This is where; this Chromebook stands out as compared to the rest. It incorporates a 1.1 GHz – 2.4 GHz Intel Celeron dual-core N3350 processor. The memory which is provided is 4 GB DDR4. Thus, in spite of the RAM just being 4 GB, it is blazing fast as the RAM included is DDR 4. With the storage of 16 GB eMMC, you can be sure that reading and writing the information to the hard disk is a breeze. If you’re looking for more storage space, Google Drive provides you with 100 GB of cloud storage for 2 years when you buy this Chromebook. This ensures that even when you store more data, your Chromebook will not slow down.

In simple terms, you will be able to easily multitask using this Chromebook without any problem at all. When you look at the benchmark course like Octane 2.0 performance benchmark, the score is 7869. While this might not be very high but due to the DDR 4 Ram in the processor included, multitasking is indeed possible.

The browser market test also resulted in a score of 2300 for this Chromebook which is a bit on the lesser side as compared to other similarly configured Windows 10 laptops. While this laptop might not exactly excel in any particular metric but overall, it provides you with the superior all-around performance which makes it easier for you to multitask whenever required.


It incorporates the Intel HD graphics 500 Graphics Coprocessor. Thus, it will allow you to play simple games like Cut the Rope as well as stream videos in 1080p quality. However, it is not a gaming notebook and that is why resource-intensive games will not be lag-free on this machine. When it comes to Oort Online test, it has scored 1480 which is comparatively lower as compared to the other Chromebooks like Dell Chromebook 13. That is why; the graphics processing capability is on the lower side.

Chrome Os

The best thing about Chrome OS is the clean desktop. When you log in to your HP Chromebook 14-inch laptop, you will only see a handful of icons on the lower-left corner. When you click on the magnifying glass, you will be able to see the most common apps used by the consumers. Moreover, voice control is also incorporated into the Chrome OS which ensures that you are able to direct the functions with the help of your voice commands.

In the lower right corner, you will be able to see the notifications as well as Wi-Fi connectivity status along with keyboard layout in battery life. You will also be able to view your account in the lower right-hand corner. Moreover, the volumes, as well as the software update indicators, are also present there. Thus, when it comes to the lower status bar, it might be a bit similar to Windows especially when you take into account the buttons and controls provided on the lower right-hand corner.


All in all, if you’re looking for a laptop which is highly portable and which allows you to multitask. The HP Chromebook 14-inch laptop is the perfect option for you. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop or a laptop which has high graphics processing capability, then this one is not for you. The main advantage of this Chromebook is the smooth OS along with the multitasking capability which it provides in a compact design which helps you operate it easily and take it with you wherever you go.

HP Chromebook 14-inch with 180-Degree Hinge








Cloud Storage





  • Long battery life
  • Good audio output
  • FHD 1080p display
  • Color variants available
  • Excellent OS experience


  • Not suitable for graphics-intensive applications
  • Keyboard layout can be improved
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Review Summery

Hp Chromebook 14-inch is a slim and elegant along with 180 hinge ensures that you are able to easily set the display at an angle which is highly convenient for the long hour usage.

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