Lesser-Known Facts about Chrome OS Upgrades

Although Chrome OS is a LOT like Android in terms of its functions, apps, and appearance, it does differ in the way it handles upgrades. Google is very careful when it comes to Chrome OS updates. Chrome OS is known for its timely and systemic updates. The Chrome OS software upgrades are very frequent and simple.

However, there are a few things that not many people know about Chrome OS upgrades. We decided to mention all the important things that you should know about Chrome OS upgrades if you are a Chrome OS user or are planning to become one.

1. Google Rolls Out Chrome OS Updates Every 2-3 Weeks

Unlike iOS or Android updates that come out after months, Google rolls out Chrome OS upgrades every two to three weeks. They come out multiple times a month with fixes for bugs. On the other hand, significant changes come out every six months. However, you can even expect Chrome OS upgrades even sooner than that if needed.

Since these updates come directly from Google, they are available for every user around the same time. These changes do not modify anything in the operating system, so you should not expect any software improvements as you do in Android. These updates are only to fix bugs and make minor adjustments.

2. Google Updates Your Chrome OS Automatically

Yep, you read that right! Your Chrome OS is updated automatically without creating a fuss about it. So you must not expect any notifications related to Chrome OS upgrades as Google does not like to brag or disturb you about its upgrades. It quietly upgrades on its own in, even if you are using your Chromebook. You won’t be asked to stop using your Chromebook during the upgrade. Moreover, you will not even need to restart your Chromebook to apply the new changes.

So how do you know if your Chrome OS is upgrading? Well, you will be able to see a little arrow in the bottom right section of your Chromebook’s display. This arrow indicates that a new upgrade has been recently downloaded. You can click on it to apply for the upgrade right away. If you don’t want to apply it right away, the upgrade will be installed automatically when you restart your Chromebook.

If you do want to check if any updates are available for your Chromebook (even when there’s no need), you can go to its Help window (chrome://help).

3. You Can Access Your Chrome OS Upgrades Early

If you are itching to get your hands on the latest Chrome OS updates, you can get early access to them by scheduling them. That’s because Chrome OS comes with three channels:

  • The Stable Channel: This channel offers the most stable, tested, and free-from-bugs software that is the safest choice for users.
  • The Beta Channel: This channel is upgraded weekly allows you to test out new features a month before they are available for the Stable channel.
  • The Dev Channel: This channel is updated several times in a week and allows you to experience next-level updates that are still in the process of development. These updates are either incomplete or completely nonfunctional.

If you are eager to test any upcoming updates beforehand, you can check them out on a different channel by typing chrome://help in your browser. Next, click Detail Build Information and then go to Change Channel to switch to a different channel of your choice.

However, do bear in mind that if you switch to any channel other than the Stable Channel, it won’t be stable since it is running on features that are still being tested or developed. The Dev Channel especially is full of bugs and is only meant to be used by pro users who can deal with the glitches.

4. Chrome OS Allows You to Check What’s New in the Update

As we discussed earlier, Chrome OS would not notify you about the new updates or tell you what’s new. But if you want, you can check out the changes or additions by yourself. Every new Chrome OS update comes with a detailed form of information about the update for curious users. You can stay updated with the latest releases by following the Chrome Releases blog. Check out the blog posts that are related to the specific channel that you use. Check these posts to learn about the new changes.

5. Your Chromebook Will Not Always Receive Upgrades

This may come to you as a bummer, but your Chromebook will not always receive updates. According to Google, every Chrome OS device will only receive upgrades until 6.5 years from the day their chipset was identified by Google. So any Chromebook or Chrome OS device would essentially be upgraded for a minimum of five years after you purchase it. The exact time is tied with the date the chipset was launched, according to Google.

6. You Can Check Until When Your Chromebook Will Get Upgrades

Did you know that you can check for how long your Chrome OS device will receive updates, before you even purchase that device? That’s right! Google keeps an end-of-life database of its Chrome OS devices that will tell you exactly when your Chromebook or Chrome OS device will stop receiving the updates. This database is actively updated, so you can check this information before you buy a Chrome OS device. You can also check how long your Chromebook gets upgrades even after purchasing your device.

However, you should know that these dates often get pushed to later than their initially listed dates. So luckily, your Chrome OS device can enjoy updates for longer than the expected time. But rest assured, though, that these dates are never cut shorter than what the page has initially listed. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

So that’s all you need to know about Chrome OS upgrades. We hope you have become a Chrome OS Updates expert now and will remember these things if you own or are planning to buy a Chrome OS device.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a Chromebook user or a Windows user, you ought to appreciate how Chrome OS upgrades work. They are way different than any other operating system and are much better in every way. From installing automatically to fixing bugs several times a month, Chrome OS updates ensure that their users will not have to wait months for a software fix.

So now that you know all about Chrome OS upgrades and if you are a Chromebook user, go ahead and check out the latest changes made to your Chromebook. You can even try out the Dev or the Beta channels if you are a pro!

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