How Can You Install “Minecraft On Chromebooks”?

Chromebooks are getting a lot of attention these days because they are incredibly inexpensive. A lot of this is because these are cloud-based computer devices, so most storage gets handled on the Internet. The only real drawback is that owners of Chromebooks aren’t able to install popular software and games.

However, you can install Minecraft on Chromebooks, and once you learn to do this, it will help you figure out to access other games and software too! Note that this process has only been confirmed on Chromebooks with Intel chips.

You can find an updated version of this guide with cloud-ready installation on this link.

Installing Minecraft On Chromebooks

A Chromebook runs on the Chrome operating system or Chrome OS. To install Minecraft, you have to also install the Linux operating system, and this is done with a method called Crouton(Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment). Crouton basically is a set of an easy to use a bundle of scripts called (Chromium OS-centric chroot generator) lets people run both Chrome OS and Linux.

Be sure to set aside some time. The process can take up to half an hour. After the automatic part of the process finishes, you will be prompted to set up a user name and password. This gives you a chance to pick anything you want before moving on to the next step.

  • First your Chromebook or any other device running Chromium OS that has been switched to developer mode.

For instructions on how to do that, go to wiki pages of Chrome OS, from here click on your Chromebook model and follow the steps in the “Entering Developer Mode” as these are easy to do.

  • Crouton Tip: When entering a password on this step, nothing shows on the screen. That is confusing, but just type it in, hit enter, and move on to the next step.

A very useful and handy advantage of Using Crouton  Method is that you don’t have to reboot your device to switch operating systems; you can switch between them using keyboard shortcuts as if you are switching between two apps. But this function depends on your Chromebook’s model too.

In this step, you just see some empty entry fields on the computer monitor. These are the fields you need to worry about:

* Command field: Key in java -jar Minecraft.jar. Be sure to use the exact same case that you see here.
* Advanced tab: Key in : ~/games/minecraft/
* Click: There is an option to Run In Terminal
* Click: Save
* Close Editor

Now you can run the game from the menu. You also have the option to save it on your desktop icons. Frame rates are probably only going to top out at about 60 a second, so you may not get the fastest speed around, but it works.

Best Chromebooks for Playing Minecraft

Are you shopping for a new Chromebook? If you plan to use it to play games sometimes, it’s best to buy an Intel.

These are some Chromebooks that will handle the game and Crouton installation:

Acer R 13
Dell Chromebook 14
HP Chromebook 14

Should You Install Minecraft On Chromebooks?

Here’s the deal. This doesn’t work on all machines. Also, these are not the ideal gaming machines. There is not a simple and easy Chrome app that lets you play the game, but there is a solution for folks who don’t mind tinkering around with their machine a bit.

If you aren’t sure if your own machine will be able to run the game, you might either contact Crouton support or ask the manufacturer. This process does not work on every Chromebook, but it has been effectively tested on others.

Chromebooks are supposed to be simple to use. So adding this game might make your system more complex. On the other hand, if you learn how to tweak your device a bit, you may develop some additional skills. Also, in addition to just having Chrome OS, you will also have a handy LINUX system that you may be able to use for other things too.

Android Apps Support

Rumors are that Google is working on an Android runtime solution for the Chromebook. This means that any app that can run on an Android phone or tablet could also run on a Chromebook. This seems like a great idea. Right now, the solution is still getting developed, so it only supports a few Android apps. Right now, nobody has been able to get Minecraft to work with this solution, but there is hope that it will make things a lot simpler in the future.

It seems like the Google computer should support Android apps, but the solution is just not fully developed yet. This would be a better solution for folks who would rather not tinker around with their Chromebooks.

However, it will still only run the phone edition of the game, so it still won’t give Chromebook owners to the full version. But the solution that involves installing Linux does give access to the full version.


It’s pretty complicated to install Minecraft on Chromebooks, but it can get done. In any case, people who really want to play the full version of Minecraft might have an easier time using another device. However, there is a way to install it on Chromebook. In the future, it may get much easier to install the mobile version, called the “pocket” version. In a perfect world, Chrome machines would be able to connect to steam to be able to access Minecraft and lots of other games.

If gaming is what you want a computer for, there are probably better solutions than a Chrome in the present. In the future, either Google or other developers are bound to respond to the demand.

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