BETT London 2020-AUE Extends for New Chromebooks

BETT London 2020

Google´s Chromebooks End of life policy was never been appreciated in the consumer market.

Especially in Education departments, where institutes tend to deploy hundreds of Chromebooks for their staff and students. It was a nightmare to stop receiving automatic core chrome Os updates.

Google very well aware of this obstacle to dominating the education market and for the past few months delivering good news about this matter one by one. From name changing to extend the end of life for Chromebooks.

Last year, End of life Policy¨ name changed to ¨Auto Update Policy¨  which is more appropriate to the service. Because the Chromebooks would remain very much alive even after they stop receiving the automatic updates.

Then another major announcement comes from google is to extend the ¨Auto update policy¨ fro 5 to 6 and half years for running chrome os devices.

But Google does not stop there and made a big jump by extending more for new Chrome os devices from 6 to 8 years. This is reportedly going to be Google’s announcements at BETT, which is held in London from 22 to 25 January 2020.

You could read more about the new devices list with longer AUE directly on google´ś blog.

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