Chrome Os Update 78 – What’s New?

Google has just released chrome os update Version 78.0.3904.92, with some cool new features and some improvements for the operating system.

Google has introduced some device settings separate from the browser, that you can have access to both platforms.

Remember, you can always check current os version on your Chromebook from- Setting — about chrome os.

So what’s new with this update

Automatic Clicks

With update 78 google introducing new automatic controls, you can now hover over an item and it shows you options :

  • left-click,
  • right-click,
  • double-click,
  • drag and scroll. 
Autmatic click controls on chromebooks

You can enable this feature from Accessibility settings on your Chromebook.

Google Assistant

Finally, google assistant is now available on your Chromebook. Now you can on your Chromebook:

  • Ask a question to perform a search
  • set a reminder
  • play music
  • control smart home devices.

Just need to enable ¨Google Assistant ¨ and click the logo to tell your command.

Easy Media Mangement

Often, it becomes very frustrating to figures out which tab is playing a media file out of so many opened browsing windows. But now you can control and stop these videos or audio files directly on your device as well.

Chrome os media control on device

so instead of wasting time to search the audio playing Tab just click on your time bar on the right corner and check all media playing files to kill or pause them.

Enhanced Camera Functionality

The camera app has been updated  Now, you can access more modes really easily direct from camera App and do a crop a round, or square shape with a click, that will store in your Downloads folder. Just like screenshots can access from the download folder.

canera app on chrome os

You can read more on google´s blog.

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