The Newest HP Chromebooks for education in 2020 (BETT 2020)

Hp introduced 4 new Chromebooks for education in BETT London 2020. They have upgraded their previous Education Edition (EE)Models, with slightly more configuration options. 

HP Chromebooks for education in 2020

Like their 11.6 Chromebook EE model included three new editions and Convertable X360 got a new companion in 2020 with some upgrades, and the last one is Hp Chromebook 14 G6.

The first in the line Edition is hp Chromebook 11 and 11 A G8 EE, available with 6 processor configuration options from dual-core to quad-core. Just per caution that Intel processor configurations come with USB 3.1 port, while AMD Based Model equipped with 2.0 USB port.

Then they differ even storage options. With intel edition, you can have 64GB of storage, instead of AMD model´s available storage is 32GB. The RAM is 8 GB for both models

Both the 11 and 11A G8 EE, available in two colors, Sage Green or Pebble Grey with starting price at $259. 

The other Education Edition of HP Chromebook is X360 11 G3, A convertible Chromebook which is claimed by HP the World´s thinnest 11.6 EDU model. With a Pen, HD Display(GG), 8 GB RAM. 64GB Storage, while processor choices are the same as Chromebook 11 EE.

HP claimed its the world’s first Chromebooks with full-skirted anchored keys, with 2 USB-C, and 2 USB-A 3.1, a MicroSD card slot and an audio jack. Its features the dropped withstand, splash-resistant and metal-reinforced corners. It has two-color choices the Dusk Blue and Pebble Gray, the HP Chromebook x360 11 G3 EE, price starts at $299.

The last one is HP CHROMEBOOK 14 G6 with a touch screen. This EE edition is rather considered to be a better option for students. With 8 GB of RAM and a reasonable 128GB of storage is a good choice for academic usage.

But the most useful feature is. an optional privacy shade for the webcam and full-sized HDMI port which is a necessity for schools to further expanded to a second desktop easily. The HP Chromebook 14 G6 is available in Chalkboard Gray and price starting at $289.

Well, the Chromebooks industry does not stop here, there are a lot of great new Chromebook models, introduced in 2020 for education and other computing activities from well-known manufacturers.

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