The Pros and Cons of a Chromebook!

chromebook pros and cons

Chromebook Pros and Cons

No doubt that Chromebooks are getting popularity day by day, and you may be considering purchasing one lightweight both in the bag and on your valet. We assure you that for the right person and usage, a Chromebook can be a wonderful substitute for the bulky and expensive laptops, but WAIT , what exactly is a Chromebook and what can and can’t it do, let us discuss some Pros and Cons of a Chromebook, so you can decide at the end if Chromebook is good for you Or not.

what does a chromebook look like?

A Chromebook looks like a laptop, but it is different in some substantial ways (in other ways it is exactly the same). When you look at a Chromebook, the physical look of it will be identical (except in design) to a laptop. You will also notice that the operating system looks the same too, but this is where Chromebooks move away from the traditional laptop.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook is made by Google. They run on Chrome OS and take advantage of the Chrome browser. Instead of storing everything on the actual machine, Chromebook apps and data are stored in the cloud. Everything is done online, through Chrome, though you can download some things, and documents can be edited offline.

For a quick glance:-

Pros and Cons of a Chromebook


  • Speed
  • Price
  • Security
  • Cloud Storage
  • Apps


  • No Desktop Microsoft Office
  • Small local Storage
  • No Photoshop Compatibility
  • Printing on Cloud Ready Printer

Let’s look a little deeper at what are the pros and cons of a Chromebook ?to really get to know it.

Pros of the Chromebook- How good is a chromebook?

Price – Highly Cost Effective

This is the main advantage a Chromebook has over laptops. Buying a Chromebook will set you back considerably less than a regular laptop and could save you around $1000 when compared to a MacBook. For nearly $200, you can get a Chromebook at the lower end of the range.

A mid-range model will set you back $350.But for heavy valets, there is  Pixel Chromebook google‘ home product based on the same Chromebook architecture. there are a number of Windows laptops in that range, but they do not perform as well when compared to a Chromebook.

Speed-Fastest Startup

This is also where the Chromebook is set apart. Generally, the more you spend, the faster your laptop will be. This is not the case with a Chromebook. As everything is stored online, there is nothing to slow the Chromebook.

Speed has been focused on the features (of course, there are many online features to use). Starting up the laptop is considerably faster than most laptops (except Macs), and browsing the web and using the online apps are too.

Security – chromebook safer than windows

Chromebooks are more secure and less prone to viruses than Windows laptops. They are comparable to MacBooks but at a fraction of the cost. If you are worried about malware or suspicious files, then a Chromebook could be the way to go.

Cloud Storage

While having all your data stored online can take some getting used to there are considerable benefits to this. Online storage is safer than data stored on your computer. There is less likely to go wrong and less chance of you losing your data. You can also access your data from any device. Chromebooks come with two years of 100GB storage from Google.

Apps – Massive Choice

Android apps are compatible with Chromebooks. While you are limited in the apps you use with a Mac, Chrome can use any android apps which are compatible with the browser. This means that you have a massive choice when it comes to what you wish to use.

Cons of  The Chromebook-Downsides of chromebook

No Microsoft Office

If you are an aspiring writer, spreadsheet analyst, or PowerPoint wizard, then you might be disappointed with a Chromebook. If you are used to using Microsoft Office, then you may need to reconsider a Chromebook purchase or adapt to what is on offer.

With Chrome, you are offered their own replacement apps, which can take a little getting used to and may not have the functionality you are used to. You can also use the Android version of Office apps, but they lack the same functionality as their regular counterparts.

Local Storage-Small

With a Chromebook, everything is stored online. The less storage which is included, the lower the price. There is up to 32GB storage with most models, and there is 100GB of cloud storage available, so you do not need to worry about where your data is going to be saved. The only problem you will run into is watching movies and TV shows offline. You can download a decent amount, but space is limited compared to traditional laptops.

No Photoshop

If you are into photo editing, then you may also be disappointed. Everything is online. All apps are run through Chrome. Currently, there is no Photoshop app which you can run in Chrome. There are online versions of your favorite software, but they will not have the same power or number of features that the regular version has.

Printing- With Cloud Ready Printer

If you have a printer, you cannot simply plug it into your Chromebook and print. The reason is that you cannot download and install the needed drivers. This can be problematic if you are swapping out your laptop as you may have to swap out your printer too. Chromebook will only print from printers which are cloud ready. Thankfully, most printers are now cloud ready, so if you have a newer printer, you might be okay.

Compatibility Issue – with Desktop Applications

There are many applications which will work on Windows and MacOS, and some which will work on both, but these apps are downloaded and installed.

With a Chromebook, everything is done through the Chrome browser, which means there are fewer apps available and a lot of apps may not be compatible. You may run into problems with this, but with Android apps becoming more available, there will be a replacement app you can use if you are okay with a similar experience and not an exact experience.

Should i get a chromebook?

After discussing the pros and cons of a Chromebook in detail, Now the question is, Should you buy a Chromebook?

The honest Answer is, That really depends on your needs. If you need powerful software from one of the recognized big names, then it may not be for you. If you need a lot of storage, then the same may apply.

Are you looking for something fast?  then Chromebook is a perfect choice.  you do not want to spend much money? then a Chromebook will fit your budget almost every budget.

Unless you need to specifically use Photoshop or other software which is not compatible with Chrome OS, then stay away. For everyone else, We would recommend a Chromebook as a good buy. The low price and speed far outweigh the negatives.

Review Summery

Should you buy a Chromebook? That really depends on your needs. If you need powerful software from one of the recognized big names, then it may not be for you. If you need a lot of storage, then the same may apply.  are you looking for something fast?  then it is perfect.  you do not want to spend much money, then a Chromebook will fit your budget almost every budget.

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