Reasons Why a Chromebook is the Best Computer for You

Chromebooks are often referred to as the “black sheep” among computers. But the days when Chromebooks were just cheap laptops that you couldn’t rely on are long gone. Today’s Chromebooks are super powerful and can easily compete with traditional laptops. Chromebook manufacturers have introduced a number of innovations in these devices. This, coupled with their premium and lightweight designs, put Chromebooks on par with exclusive Windows laptops.

It is high time that you recognize the incredible capabilities of a Chromebook and consider buying it for work or play. Read on to discover all the reasons why a Chromebook is the best computer for you.

Reasons Why a Chromebook Is the Best Computer for You

1. They Are Super Affordable

One of the reasons why Chromebooks are the best computers to buy is because they are significantly more affordable than an average laptop. You can get a Chromebook for as low as $200 today or $169 during sales. Only the premium models cost about $700 and above. Therefore, Chromebooks have a competitive advantage when it comes to pricing as they attract budget-conscious shoppers.

Although you can also get Windows laptops at this price point, they do not come close to the benefits that Chromebooks offer. So if you do not have enough budget for a high-end MacBook Pro that costs more than $1,200, you can always get a Chromebook for as low as $169.

Our top pick here would be a Dell Chromebook with a Celeron M3060 processor and 4GB RAM. If you want to upgrade these specs, you can do so by throwing in an additional $150. Not a bad bargain!  

2. They Are Immune to Viruses

Another advantage of owning a Chromebook is not having to download antivirus software from the internet. Thanks to Chrome OS, Chromebooks can automatically download new security updates every 6 weeks. This means you don’t have to worry about your computer being affected by viruses. However, don’t assume your Chromebooks to be completely immune to these attacks. You could still get hit by malware if you visit a website with poor security.  

3. They Are Quite Sturdy

Since Chromebooks are designed to be used by kids in classrooms, they feature super-tight hinges for when someone lifts them up by the lid. They also have spill-resistant keyboards for the many “oops” moments that a child may have throughout the day. Although they are not bulletproof, they can survive drops from small heights and other hits. For instance, I have accidentally dropped my HP Chromebook twice now while sleeping next to it. Thankfully, it did not get damaged despite my clumsiness.

4. They Have an Impressive Battery Life

Even the lower-end Chromebooks can offer you a battery life of as long as 10 hours, which is pretty impressive when compared to Windows computers. This is due to the fact that Chromebooks consume less power than an average Windows laptop. You can even improve this battery life by lowering the brightness of your screen, closing unused tabs, and disabling Bluetooth.

5. They Have a Premium Appearance

Chromebooks have a very premium look as compared to Windows laptops. Even the most affordable models look really stylish and sleek. For instance, the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA has a very sleek body and silver shell. Priced at only $469, this Chromebook has a 1080p display, convertible design, and a thin silver body that looks much more expensive than it is in reality.

In addition to Asus Chromebook Flip, the Acer Chromebook 11 also has a gorgeous blue exterior that makes it stand out from the crowd. It is one of the most beautiful Chromebooks out there, with attractive color and a premium design. There is also a grid-like pattern on its lid that adds to its aesthetic.

It’s not too heavy on the pocket too, and only costs $249.

6. Chrome OS Makes Data Transfer Very Easy

If you want to give yourself the worst headache, you can try migrating data from one Windows laptop to another. No matter which computer you have, data migration takes almost an entire day and is a pretty stressful process. However, Chrome OS makes it easy for you to access data on every Chromebook. You just have to log in to a Chromebook, and voila! – all your data will be right in front of you. No need to transfer data using Wi-Fi or flash drives.

7. They Offer Parental Controls

Chromebooks come with parental controls that allow you to supervise the activities of your kids. You can make supervised accounts to limit their activities and make your Chromebook family-friendly. You can even control their screen time by using the Privacy and Security tab on your desktop’s settings.

8. They Make Syncing Easy

Since Chromebooks operate on the cloud, they can sync everything together and make all your apps and passwords accessible on a single device. So no matter where you are, you get all your preferences and bookmarks on a Chrome browser and sync them to your Chromebook instantly.

9. They Have Ample Cloud Storage

With a Chromebook, you get 100GB of Google Drive storage at absolutely no cost. You can use this storage for up to two years from whenever you buy a new Chromebook. This is ample cloud storage to store everything for free, and you will not even need to purchase additional storage as it may be enough for you. On the other hand, cloud storage from Box, OneDrive, or Dropbox will cost you extra money.  

10. They Are Super Fast

Did you know that you can power up and get a Chromebook up and running in about 8 seconds? That’s right! Chromebooks are extremely fast, thanks to the SSD drives they have. Moreover, they have a very lightweight operating system that takes only a few seconds to power up.

11. You Can Travel Everywhere with Them

Although it depends on the specific model, make, and design of the Chromebook, most of them are ultra-lightweight, meaning you can literally carry them anywhere you want without having to worry about luggage restrictions. For example, the Google Pixelbook Go, made for travel enthusiasts in mind, weighs approximately 2 lbs, and its price will definitely not leave a hole in your pocket. Similarly, the Asus Chromebook Flip C436 follows in the footsteps of the Google Pixelbook Go, weighing about 2.58 lbs.

12. They Feature & Support Top-Favorite Android Apps

Google recently made an announcement that some Chromebooks with a touchscreen, specifically those made in 2017 and later, support Android apps. This is excellent news for Android fans who wanted their favorite apps like Netflix, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Mobile Suite on their Chromebook.

The functionality of a Chromebook has marginally increased thanks to the Chrome OS and Android joining hands. You can now play games, edit or create files, use Microsoft or Adobe, and play your favorite movies/music through a Chromebook as if you were using a mobile device.

The Final Verdict

Have you been pondering whether or not investing in a Chromebook is a suitable choice? We hope the reasons why a Chromebook is the best computer for you have helped you conclude that now is the perfect time to invest in one. Get a Chromebook today if you’re on the lookout for a reliable, durable, and pocket-friendly laptop that both looks and feels luxurious!

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