Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4 plus review

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Samsung has launched its latest Chromebook 4 with the intent to appeal to users that are looking for a portable computer offering basic functionalities with a little twist.

Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4 plus review

The new Samsung Chromebook 4 arrives with two different screen sizes. The very portable 11,6″ and slightly larger 15,6″ will give you that extra little flexibility when it comes to your work and play.

Don’t expect the latest release to have been upgraded in a way that will deliver high performing hardware, pack groundbreaking innovation or the latest trends in computing.

It is, however, competent enough to deliver a functional and highly portable experience that will please professional users as well as the general public when looking for a gadget that fits a specific budget and delivers enough performance for basic work, connectivity, and entertainment.

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With that in mind, the Samsung Chromebook 4 makes its stand as slightly more interesting than opting for a tablet or even other Chromebooks offered by its direct competitors. You will find that it offers more connectivity as well as an actual keyboard and trackpad for you to get things done.

The latest release has been updated to include new generation USB-C ports and an astonishing battery lifetime of up to 12.5 hours in the smaller screen version.

Design ++

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is worth considering with its lovely silver design and competent finishing as well as a number of features enough to make you look twice.

Inside, a rather capable Intel Celeron N4000 processor commands the operation with the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600, able to provide a basic response to your work and entertainment needs.

Google Assistant

Don’t expect to run mainstream games or heavy apps on these Chromebooks as it’s clearly not intended for it.

Do expect, however, to run native Google apps and gain interaction with Google’s assistant, all already natively available on its system.


Physical connectivity is assured by one USB-C port in the 11,6″ model and two ports in the 15,6″, providing you a multitude of options along with this more recent technology.

The USB-C comes particularly handy as it allows its users to connect multiple devices with transfer speeds of up to 5Gb/s.

By using those same ports, you will be able to charge its battery via a 30w adapter. That specific option allows for even further portability and ease of usage, providing a viable alternative when it comes to leaving your main charger on the side or, worst-case scenario when you forget it at home.

Finally, and more impressively, the versatile USB-C ports will also allow you to connect an external 4K monitor. This is a particularly great improvement should you find the need to expand your working area or simply put, connect the Chromebook to a large screen and enjoy its entertainment capabilities.


Memory is well looked after with options ranging from 4GB to 6GB LPDDR4. Though it may seem like a rather short amount when you compare it with regular full-sized laptops, rest assured that portable Chromebooks such as the Samsung Chromebook are not supposed to be performance equipment but rather one that is designed to offer maximum portability with a range of useful functions.


On the 11,6″ model you will find a 1366×768 pixels LCD screen, whilst the 15,6″ – also currently known as Chromebook 4+ – delivers a Full HD viewing experience. Both have anti-reflective treatment on their screens, which adds for a perfect portable experience.

The display is, however, the least impressive characteristic of the model and falls far behind what you are usually used to see in any Samsung device. It does deliver the basic functionality but surely won’t be the reason why you’ll opt for it.

Colors and definitions fall behind expectation and here, Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook plus will dust the Samsung Chromebook 4.

Do however consider how cheap you can get one for and the perspective changes. Having a functional Chromebook that offers the same features like this for an acceptable price tag has to cut corners somewhere.


Internal storage capacity is delivered in all ranges that are available from 32GB or 64gb to meet your needs. Further expansion is ensured by using the internal card reader and you can always work with external hard drives given its USB ports.

Along with the already mentioned USB-C ports, Samsung was wise enough to also make available one USB-A port for further connection requirements, as well as a now less-than-hype but still very handy 3,5mm jack for your regular headphones. The previously mentioned card reader is a handy addition that will do wonders for your expansion needs.


Both Chromebooks pack the exact same battery inside, offering an estimated lifetime of 12,5 hours in the 11,6″ model and an estimated 10,5 hours on the 15,6″ model. Weight is rather modest, with only 1,18kg (2.6 pounds) and 1,7kg (3,75 pounds) respectively.

The device comes with a full-sized keyboard that is spill-resistant, along with a very useful trackpad.


The resilient Chromebook meets the MIL-STD-810G standard that will ensure protection against drops, vibrations, high temperature and shocks, freezing, dust, humidity, and pressure changes. The portable Chromebooks are designed to last and endure your travel needs. Again, the spill-resistant keyboard already provides an indication that this Chromebook is built to last.


Connectivity is available through a gigabit WiFi 5 (2×2) and Bluetooth. Multimedia and video calls haven’t been forgotten and a 1.5W speaker setup, as well as 720p webcam, are to be found.


Both versions arrive with rather appealing price tags. The 11,6″ can be purchased from only $229,99 and the 15.6″ for $319,99 which is a great deal considering how versatile the Samsung Chromebook 4 can be.

Though some competition worth considering is available, you’re buying a premium brand for the same price as you’d buy a regular tablet with less functionality. With that in mind, the Chromebook 4+ offers wider options when it comes to connectivity and productivity.

The addition of USB-C ports cannot be understated as they are versatile enough to answer to the needs of most users. But its a budget chromebook, rather a bulky Laptop.

Final Verdict

Samsung Chromebook 4 is a great option that will deliver enough specs to appeal to most users.

For the same price as a regular tablet or average phone, you are getting a functional computer from a premium manufacturer that promises to deliver solid performance for users that aren’t too demanding about heavy-duty usage.

It will be a good ally for portability, light work, and entertainment and though the screen won’t make you look twice, its other specs make it up for its main flaw.

Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4+













  • Sleek, Modern Design
  • Long Battery Life
  • Military-grade-durability
  • Larger, 15.6” screen
  • Cost-effective


  • No Touch Display
  • Mid level Audio quality

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    This computer sucks. Google play store not compatible. Certain websites cannot be accessed. You need wifi to do anything productive. Sad excuse for a computer.

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