Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touch Laptop Review

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With the popularity of the Chrome OS, more devices are being produced every day. One of the latest kind of” Trending Now” is the new Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible with a pen out in the box. To be more specific This is something between a laptop and a tablet. You can use a convertible Chromebook as a traditional laptop, or fold the keyboard behind and use it as a touchscreen tablet.

Samsung Plus Convertable

Chromebooks are becoming more and more popular. The stripped-down cloud-based operating system not only offers functionality but also gives you increased speed and a better price point (generally). With everything stored online, and apps accessed through the Chrome browser, there is no need for anything to clutter up the Chromebook itself.

Samsung is one of the well-known Chromebooks’ manufacturers from the very beginning of the evolution of the Chrome OS, to keep up on this they come with their latest Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touchscreen laptop but is this device worth all the hype?


While there are some bulky and low-quality Chromebooks, the trend is moving towards a sleeker design and high-quality build. The Samsung Chromebook Plus is at the higher end of the quality spectrum. The aluminum casing is sleek and looks beautiful. You will not want to use it for fear of getting it dirty. The corners are rounded to give it a sleek look, and the external buttons feel intuitive. This Samsung Chromebook is one of the lightest on the market while still offering a 12.3-inch display.


There have been a lot of complaints that the display quality of the Chromebooks are not up to the standards of regular laptops. Samsung may be the company which changes this. The screen on this Chromebook is one of the best I have found. The color is rich, the brightness is good, and the contrast is effective.

The 360-degree hinges allow you to customize how you stand your laptop, but no matter how you rotate the screen, you are still able to view it with crispness and clarity. This may be the best screen I have found on a Chromebook.


The keyboard on this Chromebook reminds me of the keyboard on a MacBook. It has the same look (black on silver) and feel, but is the quality the same as the high-end MacBook? The keyboard is good, but it is not the strongest feature of this Chromebook. I would have liked a little more tactile feedback, though you will not notice that the keyboard is lacking anything; you will only know that it could be better.

The trackpad seems to be higher-quality than the keyboard. The responsiveness of the trackpad is excellent, and you will find yourself pointing, clicking, and scrolling with ease and precision. There is no lag between what your fingers do and what you see on the screen. With a Chromebook, where speed is key, a fast trackpad such as this is a big bonus.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus also comes with a handy stylus built into the side of the device. Holding the stylus in my hand, it feels like a regular pen, only a little thinner. As you take the stylus from the device, a pop-up will give you the option to use the stylus to capture some of the screens create a note, laser point, or as a magnifying glass. The real feature with this stylus is what you can use it for. Google is constantly releasing features which will make this stylus a must-have accessory for your Chromebook.


The Samsung Chromebook Plus has an OP1 ARM processor and 4GB of RM. The combination works well for what the Chromebook was intended to do. I had no problem browsing the web through Google Chrome, watching YouTube videos or Netflix, creating and editing documents in Google Docs, or streaming music. With 8 browser windows open, two of them streaming, there was no discernible lag. This Chromebook may not be the most powerful Chromebook in the world, but it does exactly what it is supposed to do.


The Samsung Chromebook Plus comes with 32GB of storage. This is about average for a Chromebook where most of your data will be stored online. With every Chromebook, Google is offering 100GB of cloud storage for free for two years. If you do want to download movies or TV shows for offline viewing, 32GB gives you enough space to have a decent viewing library.

Operating System

All Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, which is perfectly setup to run Chrome. The operating system has been stripped back so that everything can be run online, through the browser, and memory is free to concentrate on speed over multitasking. This means a quicker startup of your Chromebook, and a faster experience once you do have it started up.

When Chromebooks first came out, there was only an option to use Google’s own apps. Now, Chromebooks are being released with Android compatibility. The Samsung Chromebook is no different. With access to Android apps, you have access to everything you will need. The only downside is that you cannot use your favorite apps, such as Photoshop and Microsoft Office. You will be able to find replacement apps, but they may not have the same functionality or depth of features which you are accustomed to.


This specific Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible will set you back roughly $450. So, is it worth getting one?

If you are looking for speed over functionality, then it most certainly is. The speed of this device over regular laptops is the main draw for me. The adoption of Android apps also gives you more functionality than you will ever need. You will need a Wi-Fi connection to get the most out of this, but there are some things which you can do online.

The display quality alone makes this a Chromebook worth getting, and sets it apart from other Chromebooks and from other laptops. The battery life is good. The touchscreen and trackpad will not let you down. The stylus is a welcome addition. The two-in-one laptop/tablet feature makes it hard to turn down at this price. You will be hard pushed to find as good a convertible device at the same price or lower.

All in all, I would recommend Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible if you are looking to get a Chromebook or a cloud-based netbook\laptop.

Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Review








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