Samsung Chromebook Pro Review

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The Samsung Chromebook Pro is one of the best-designed Chromebooks that you can buy today. It has a great hinge, a beautiful display (like all of Samsung’s products), and great battery life.

Samsung Chromebooks pro and plus series are great performing Chromebooks that doesn’t break the bank. They are light, highly portable and powerful but sleek and beautiful devices.

Samsung Chromebook Pro


The Samsung Chromebook Pro is designed like a Samsung product, meaning that it sticks to the design language that has produced beautiful phones and tablets for years. While it’s a mid-range product, its design appears as sleek as the flagship phones that Samsung is famous for producing.

The chassis is made from a magnesium alloy and feels sturdy to the touch. You can get the Chromebook in two colors, but for me, the simpler option is always the better option (I’m partial to the silver one).

An overall elegant design, the hinge of the Samsung Chromebook Pro is sturdy and finds the balance that is needed to take the 360-degree flip to its limits. If you’re trying to tilt the screen, then it’ll be easy to do and it will hold the panel in place if you want to tilt it back to watch a film.

The ability to flip it all the way around to use the Chromebook Pro as a tablet is the best part about this Chromebook. However, since the volume and power buttons fall on the other side of the display, here comes the touch screen to get the total control in tablet mode.

Samsung Chromebook pro with backlit keyboard is also available for this model but you have to choose it if you want your pro Chromebook with the backlit keyboard.

There is a USB-C port on each side and there’s a 3.5 mm headphone jack at a time when we’re slowly phasing them out despite the fact that it’s still the best way to listen to digital music. The microSD slot is right beside the headphone jack.

There are no thunderbolt ports or USB A ports here, but the USB-C standard is being used for phones and laptops alike so you won’t have any trouble transferring data or charging the Samsung Chromebook Pro.

There are no HDMI ports either so you will have to use a Chromecast or some kind of mirroring application if you want to give a presentation with the Chromebook at the office. We know the standard Chromebooks Right?

All this is pretty standard and it makes for a good Chromebook for the price, however, one thing that does sour the experience quite a lot is the lack of a sturdy keyboard. The layout of the Samsung Chromebook Pro keyboard feels smooth and comfortable to move.

What’s more, is that the trackpad is a bit small in size but well suited in its 12.3 inches body size. It’s small, which gives smaller room for you to move around as well as to use the gestures that are built into the Chromebook.

However, what more than compensates for this is the inclusion of a touchscreen and a stylus. This gives you greater control over the creative aspects of using a tablet or Chromebook than a mouse/trackpad or keyboard ever can.

Display -Touch Screen

Samsung’s displays are perhaps its strongest selling point. If you’ve ever seen a Samsung television or a flagship phone from the manufacturer you will know how good they can make their bleeding edge displays. The amount of color and richness is unparalleled in the industry right now.

It has a 2400×1600 resolution with 235 pixels per inch, which equals the Chromebook X2 from HP. The 3:2 aspect ratio of the Chromebook makes it easy to use as a tablet and makes it thus far closer to a square than a rectangle.

 Chromebook Pro

Even in this mid-range product, the display is incredible and gets you great color accuracy and saturation for the richest experience in watching films and TV shows as well as designing and graphics.

Android apps feel beautiful and zippy on the display which, due to Samsung’s mastery at creating displays, is great despite it being a mid-range Chromebook.


The internals more than justifies the price tag. The Intel Core m3-6y30 dual-core chip with a 900 MHz bus clock and a 2.2 GHz turbo boost is well equipped and low powered so it gives you good battery life.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro will get the job done and be great at running standard apps and internet browsing, which are the two major things that Chromebooks are meant to do. It is well equipped to run HD films and TV shows and will not lag when you do some mid-range graphics work like editing videos and photos.

Do know, however, that this Chromebook will not get you the best results for graphics intensive work in the business; for that, you will have to step beyond the $1000 price point.


The portability of the Samsung Chromebook Pro is unquestionable. It is just .55 inches thick and you can carry it at your side like a college textbook without the weight. Even if you have a small work bag or are carrying a purse, you can comfortably fit it inside.

It’s not quite as light or as thin as the Chromebook x2 from HP which is just 1.62 lbs and .33 inches thick, but it’s a great value for the money. However, this means that it doesn’t sacrifice on the battery. The 39 Wh cell is powerful enough to last you the entire day without a hiccup and even longer if you’re just browsing around the internet.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro comes close to excellence many times in its performance, internals, and design and battery life. There is no doubt that this is a great buy for the price and that it’ll get the job done for you nine times out of ten.

Samsung Chromebook Pro








Cloud Storage





  • Excellent Display
  • Decent battery life
  • Incredible Portability
  • Inclusion of stylus gives more control
  • Inclusion of USB ports, headphone jack, and microSD slot


  • Pricey

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