The 10 Best Chromebook Apps for Kids

Chromebooks are light and thin and portable so they’re a great substitute for huge laptops or gaming PCs for kids. You can actually use them to help educate your kids or entertain them all the same. There are great educational and entertaining apps and games out there for kids on Chromebooks.

All apps you can get on the Chromebook app store easily accessible from your Chromebook. just open and search any of the Apps and download locally just like you do on your smartphone. some are free and some are paid. Here are some of the best Chromebook apps for kids.


Use Duolingo to help your child learn new languages
Best app for learning new languages

Duolingo is the best language learning app out there. You can use it to help your kids learn a foreign language at an early age. Since research has shown that kids that learn foreign languages at an early age have a better chance of remembering them when they grow up, this is an opportunity that should be seized quickly.

Duolingo not only helps you learn by letting you sound out (pronounce)the words that you’re learning and writing them, but it also associates them with pictures, gives you multiple-choice questions, and associates the words with the right and wrong usage step by step.

It is a great way to help your kids learn about other cultures and languages.we are living in multicultural and multilingual societies these day. Another language means more opportunities for your kid’s successful future.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s odyssey is a simple, relaxing game for kids
Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a relaxing, beautiful, uncomplicated game that you can get your kids to play on their Chromebooks. It’s not hard on the processor and contains very minimalist graphics of the sun rising and setting while the sprite skis down a mountainside with hot air balloons flying in the distance.

It’s a game that can entertain your kids for hours and will give them a relaxing experience along with the help they need to develop quick reflexes.

Where’s My Water?

Where’s my water is a educational game for your kids
Where’s My Water

Where’s My Water?’ is a great game from Disney that will entertain your kids and will educate them by giving them puzzles to solve. It tops the Chromebook apps for kids list by giving them a simple puzzle to solve—to get water to the shower for an alligator—and entertaining them along the way.

It features pleasant artwork and clean design along with realistic game mechanics which will help kids understand how to creatively solve similar puzzles when they come across them in real life.


Quento’s emphasis on math puzzles can help kids take an interest in the subject
Quento is a math puzzle game

Quento is a math puzzle game for children over six years old. It’s perfect to demonstrate on a Chromebook and will be an educational experience for your kids that will help them to appreciate a subject that is usually considered dry.

It flips the usual mathematical equations that kids find in their textbooks and instead asks you to find the right question for the answer. It has a free version, but there are optional in-app purchases that can unlock more puzzles.


Dragonbox can help your kids learn math

Dragonbox is an algebra-themed game that can help your kids learn a few things about math. It will help them get through their sixth or fifth-grade algebra syllabus by giving them puzzles and problems to solve.

It’s truly one of the best learning apps for kids on Chromebooks. It will not only help them become familiar with a subject that is considered extremely complex for children, but it will also help to demonstrate to them how easy it can be if a few rules are followed.

You can only buy the game in bundles as you go along since the game isn’t free. But for the price, you can give your kids a lot of educational time that they would otherwise waste watching television or videos on YouTube.


Grammaropolis revolves around teaching kids grammar
Grammaropolis teach kids grammar

Grammaropolis will help your kids learn proper grammar, which is something a lot of us can struggle with especially as we get older. It teaches proper grammar through fun animations, songs, videos, etc. And it focuses on all parts of speech like nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, etc.

By using cartoonlike interactive books and comics and music videos, as well as quizzes, it gives your children the means by which they can learn by osmosis and uses grammar the right way. It’s a truly great Chromebook kids’ app.

Scratch and ScratchJr

Scratch and ScratchJr is a coding app that helps coding become easier for kids
Scratch and ScratchJr coding app

Scratch and ScratchJr is a different app than the ones listed here since it does focus on learning, but not on the simpler subjects like math and language. Instead, it focuses on coding.

Very few Chromebook apps for kids can say that they focus on teaching coding to young and impressionable minds, but Scratch and ScratchJr does it incredibly well. It’s designed by a team of MIT programs and takes a gamified approach to design code and programs.

It takes your kids through the paces by giving them basic programming concepts and teaches them more and more elements as they get better along the way.

If you start teaching them coding at a young age, they’ll probably find out if that’s something they would love to go into or not. Besides, coding is an essential skill today that everyone should learn so it’s best to start young.

Using these great Chromebook apps for kids, you can take advantage of the Chromebook at your disposal and teach your children as well as entertain them.

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