Top Chromebooks with Backlit Keyboards!

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No doubt, a Chromebook with backlit keyboard offers a great value because it enhances its portability, for which Chromebooks are known.chromebooks are having a moment right now since it is the time for web-based, fluid, and light devices.

Most people just use their laptops, Chromebooks and other devices( Netbooks, Tablets, smartphones) for internet browsing, so a laptop centered on that premise is bound to be popular.

Chromebooks with backlit keyboards

Google Pixelbook 12.3" Touchscreen LCD High-Performance 2-in-1 Chromebook | Intel 7th Generation...
ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 2-In-1 Laptop- 12.5” Full HD 4-Way NanoEdge Touchscreen, Intel Core M5,...
Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT-P39B, Pentium N4200, 15.6" Full HD Touch, 4GB LPDDR4, 32GB Storage,...
Google Pixelbook 12.3" Touchscreen LCD High-Performance 2-in-1 Chromebook | Intel 7th Generation...
ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 2-In-1 Laptop- 12.5” Full HD 4-Way NanoEdge Touchscreen, Intel Core M5,...
Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT-P39B, Pentium N4200, 15.6" Full HD Touch, 4GB LPDDR4, 32GB Storage,...
Google Pixelbook 12.3" Touchscreen LCD High-Performance 2-in-1 Chromebook | Intel 7th Generation...
Google Pixelbook 12.3" Touchscreen LCD High-Performance 2-in-1 Chromebook | Intel 7th Generation...
ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 2-In-1 Laptop- 12.5” Full HD 4-Way NanoEdge Touchscreen, Intel Core M5,...
ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 2-In-1 Laptop- 12.5” Full HD 4-Way NanoEdge Touchscreen, Intel Core M5,...
Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT-P39B, Pentium N4200, 15.6" Full HD Touch, 4GB LPDDR4, 32GB Storage,...
Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT-P39B, Pentium N4200, 15.6" Full HD Touch, 4GB LPDDR4, 32GB Storage,...

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Being a highly portable devices Chromebooks need to fulfill this aspect of their promise, so keeping that in mind Chromebooks have started to include one of the most useful and handy features, a Backlit keyboard, However, there are a lot of Chromebooks out there that offers a bunch of every day’s useful features and some are just lack of them.

If you’ve ever bought a Chromebook or any other laptop for that matter, you may have noticed that the better ones also have backlit keyboards. This isn’t a coincidence since Chromebooks with backlit keyboards serve a greater aesthetic and functional purpose.

The Chromebook Backlit keyboard basically features a light source behind the keyboard so that the keys are specifically outlined for increased visibility, especially in low-visibility environments.

Backlit keyboards are more popular with gamers that enjoy playing in dark environments and because of the convenience of operation they provide whether you have a light source or not.

We have Reviewed all these available the best-backlited Chromebooks one by one.

Google Pixelbook- Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard and Touchscreen

The Google Pixelbook is the official Chromebook from Google and the companion to the Google Pixel smartphone. It’s the premier Chromebook out there and it runs so smooth you’d think that every other Chromebook was ripping you off. It’s been rated highly by almost every single publication that has reviewed it and runs the latest version of Chrome OS on it.

Since we are more interested in pixelbook keyboard backlight, and probably we should stick to it. but the pixel book is a mesmerizing piece of hardware with all the wonderful features, so we will discuss a bit all of them for your convenience.

The 4 in one design is sleek and beautiful and since it has full Android support for apps from the Play Store and an awesome OS to boot, it’s a winner on both fronts. As we mentioned earlier the Chromebook has a backlit keyboard, which complements the silver design very well and it also has excellent stylus support as well.

Pixelbook backlit keyboard

The keyboard is top of the class from Google since the Pixelbook adheres to the hardware and software specifications that Google has specifically designed for Chrome OS. You’ll probably be hard-pressed to find a better Chromebook with a backlit keyboard.

There is the absence of the biometric login, but that’s almost forgettable since the design is so great and performance is unbeatable.

It also has a 2-in-1 appeal to it since it can act as a tablet as well as a laptop. These are kinds of features that make it stand head and shoulders above the competition.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 – Backlit Keyboard + Touchscreen Convertible Chromebook 

The ASUS Chromebook C302 is known to be the ultimate Chromebook for the pros. It can Flip at 360 Degree hinge with FHD touchscreen. This Chromebook comes with some ultra performing components, a high power Intel Core processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD local storage, and long battery life, and the icing on the cake a beautiful backlit keyboard.

With Chromebook C302 Asus has definitely touched a new standard for the future Chromebooks both performance and the design. A 12.5″ IPS screen looks gorgeous and, extremely bright to complements its Silver metallic body.

The chicklet keyboard, with backlighting on the keyboard, is actually a premium feature that makes using the Chromebook in low-light settings a Treat. With 10 point multi to play and work with your fingertips, it has some “ultrabook” look and feels.

chromebook asus c302 with backlit keyboard

The Battery life of the Chromebook C302 is about 10 to 11 hours but what really seals the deal is that it’s a convertible laptop. It goes all the way around and you can use it as a tent and even as a tablet if you want to with a highly bright touchscreen.

And the design is something that may impress you as well, then along with the backlit keyboard, it is made of sandblasted aluminum silver with a chrome hinge. One thing you’ll notice about the backlit keyboard is that it has decent travel. it is very responsive smooth gliding. That makes it super easy to operate.

Acer Chromebook 15 CB515 – Backlit keyboard with Large Screen Chromebook!

The Acer Chromebook has a Pure Silver finish which extends to every single part of the outer body except for the keyboard caps. It’s a fine laptop with a metallic feel which does a great job masking the fingerprints that you will get on it without any doubt.

The hinge is a thing of beauty. It can turn a full 180 degrees so that you can lay the Chromebook completely flat on a level surface. However, it doesn’t have the cool factor of the flappable notebook that comes with the Pixelbook or the Samsung Chromebook Pro. Hence, you can’t make a tent or stand out of it.

The bezels are noticeable since Acer hasn’t gone with the blending in way of thinking that most laptop makers and smartphone makers are going in with right now. The Pure Silver finish is on display every single time you switch on the laptop and turn on the screen. It’s not meant to be ignored since the body is so well machined.

And the best part of it is a Chromebook with a backlit keyboard as well. The lighting is quite decent but is better observed in darker settings than in lit rooms. And while that’s not a problem since backlighting is meant to help in the dark, one can’t help but feel they held back here to splurge on something else.

chromebooks with backlit Keyboards

The keyboard of this Chromebook is pretty responsive and the keys have good travel. The keycaps were wide and the presses were all pretty firm and quiet.

The Touchpad is super responsive and moves the cursor at the lightest touch. It supports the latest Chrome OS features like scrolling with two fingers and swiping left and right to switch applications and desktops just like macOS and the latest version of Windows OS.

The Acer Chromebook fits nicely within the comfortable 15-inch design that most people are OK with. It measures 14.9 inches wide, 10.1 inches from front to back, and 0.75 inches high. This doesn’t make it the thinnest Chromebook out there, but it’s thin and light, which is what anyone, wants for a comfortable laptop.

Samsung Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard + Touch Screen

Are you wondering what makes Samsung XE510C25-K01US Chromebook Pro such a good option?

The combination of responsive touchscreen along with the backlit keyboard is the reason why it is on our list. In addition to that, it has quite a few features which help it stand out.

Samsung Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard
Samsung XE510C25-K01US Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard
Samsung Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard

First, let us look at the processor. It consists of an Intel Core M3 processor with a frequency of 2.2 GHz. You can be sure that it is blazing fast.

With the help of a 12.3-inch display which has a resolution of 2400 x 1600, the clarity which it offers is on the higher side. The RAM is of 4 GB, which means that for regular day-to-day use, you will not experience any lag. The RAM further assists in playing heavy 3D games, and run multiple apps/tabs as well.

It also offers a webcam and Bluetooth connectivity. It means that all the necessary features which you might look for in a chrome book are available in this one. The weight of 2.4 lbs ensures that you can take it with you wherever you go.

The unique feature of this chrome book is that it comes with a built-in pen. It means that if you want to personalize your phone or sketch something that is certainly possible.

With the help of a 32GB hard disk, you can store quite a bit of data on it, as well. Chrome books, however, rely on online cloud storage, and therefore, you might not require that Hard disk space at all.

The responsive touchscreen, backlit keyboard, and lightweight design mean that this chrome book offers you the necessary features which you need.

Dell Inspiron Chromebook Backlit Keyboard +Touch

Are you looking for a chrome book with more storage space?

Dell Inspiron Chromebook Backlit Keyboard +Touch
Dell Inspiron Chromebook Backlit Keyboard +Touch

If yes, this one with a hard disk of 128 GB is a perfect choice. It consists of a backlit keyboard, which means that you can use the laptop in complete darkness as well. The backlight touch IPS display compliments the backlit keyboard.

The IPS technology provides this Chromebook with a wide viewing angle. You get perfect clarity with the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, and 14.0 inch full HD display. It means that you can use this chrome book in total darkness as well as in any other ambiance.

With the help of the Intel Core i3 processor, which is of 8th generation, you can get a blazing fast device. It incorporates 4 GB RAM, which supports multitasking as well.

While we have already highlighted the hard disk capacity above but it has a flash memory, which means that the reading and writing speed is on the higher side. You can access large files and save the same at blazing fast speed.

It also incorporates an Intel UHD 620 graphics card. It can come in handy to play some heavy-duty games. The configuration of this chrome book is such that no matter for which application you want to use it, it will not disappoint you.

The 360 flip and fold design mean that you can use the laptop in the position which you want. The flip and fold design come handy for presentations, conferences, and using the laptop in tablet mode.

It consists of a built-in webcam, HDMI output, and offers wireless connectivity as well. The display can support EMR Pen as well. If you’re looking for a chrome book with blazing fast and can support multitasking and at the same time has a higher storage space, this one will not disappoint you.

ASUS Chromebook C425 Clamshell-Backlit Keyboard + Compact Body

ASUS Chromebook C425 Clamshell

Do you prefer a compact Chromebook?

The Chromebook, which we are speaking about now, has a 14-inch display. However, when you look at the overall size, it is similar to a 13-inch laptop. It is because it uses the Nano edge display, which reduces the size of the frame significantly.

When you look at other features, it consists of a backlit keyboard. The advantages of a backlit keyboard are plenty. It means that when operating the chrome book in the dead of the night, you can do so without lights and disturbing others. Similarly, in various other circumstances as well, the backlit keyboard can help you out.

The display which it offers has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The full HD IPS display does not disappoint you with excellent clarity. The processor on offer is the Intel Core M3 processor. It can support superfast operations, which means that you need not worry about the lag time.

The laptop has 8GB ram along with 64GB eMMC storage space. Both of these features ensure that the laptop is pretty fast in operation. In addition to that, it consists of 2 standard USB ports along with a type C USB port and type-A USB port. Connecting various peripherals and devices with the help of these USB ports is quite easy.

The 180 hinge design means that you can set it at the viewing angle, which you prefer. The keyboard is another feature, as well. The distance between the keys is just 1.4 MM. It means that when typing something or controlling your chrome book with the help of shortcuts, it can save you time.

The weight of the chrome book is 2.8 lbs, which allows you to take it with you in your backpack. The faster boot time of the chrome book OS is aided by the configuration of this laptop, which means that this chrome book is even more efficient than some of the others.

Among so many features, one thing that you cannot miss is the aesthetically pleasing appearance. The Chromebook stands out from others with its sleek, elegant, and timeless design. So, when conveniences like low key-travel distance and a backlit keyboard are at hand, it is hard to ignore this one when you’re looking for the best Chromebook with a backlit keyboard.

HP Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard+ Large Screen

Many consumers prefer their laptops to have a screen of 15.6 inches. If you’re one of them, this chrome book will meet your requirements.

It consists of 15.6 inch IPS full HD display. With the resolution of 1080p, you can be sure that getting HD clarity isn’t a problem.

HP Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard- The Large Screen

Along with the crystal-clear display, you get a backlit keyboard with a separate numeric keypad. The keyboard has illumination throughout the length and breadth, which means that you can use it in complete darkness with ease.

It uses 4GB DDR4 RAM. The DDR 4 variant is much faster than the earlier generations of RAM. Along with that, the 8th generation Intel core i3 processor tuned to 2.2 GHz will not disappoint you. You can use it up to 3.4 GHz in the turbo boost. It consists of 2 cores, which means that multitasking will not be a problem.

The chrome book offers type C USB port, type-A USB port, and even a micro SD card reader. With 2 type C USB ports, you can be sure that connecting various peripherals and accessories isn’t going to be a problem.

The storage space on offer is of 128 GB eMMC. It means that even if you want to store the data locally in your chrome book, this one will not disappoint you.

The touchscreen display is highly responsive, which allows you to use it for a wide variety of applications.

What more could you ask for?

The large display, backlit keyboard, and numerous connectivity options make it an excellent choice.

Acer Chromebook 514-Backlit Keyboard + IPS LED-backlit Display

Are you looking for a Chromebook for light use?

The Acer Chromebook 514 fulfills that requirement. It consists of the Intel Celeron N3350 dual-core processor. The frequency at which the processor runs is 2.4 GHz.

Acer Chromebook 514

The Chromebook has a non-glare LCD panel. the screen size is 14 inches full HD. The resolution of the screen is 1920 x 1020. Also, the IPS LED-backlit display means that clarity isn’t a show.

The Chromebook with the backlit keyboard is another convenience that will make it easy for you to use it. It consists of 4 GB DDR 4 RAM. Along with that, there is 32 GB storage space on the chrome book. It means that all the necessary features which you might look for in a chrome book are available in this one.

Along with that, the unique feature of this chrome book, which sets it apart, is that it has 12-hours of battery life. It means that you need not charge it again and again.

With the help of USB 3.1 type C ports, you can be sure that the data transfer rates are much higher than other chrome books. You can transfer big data files quite quickly. At the same time, if you’re charging any device from your laptop, it will charge at a brisk pace, as well. The data transfer rate which it supports is 5 Gbps.

The Chromebook consists of HDR webcam. When you want to speak with your family and friends over the Internet, the excellent clarity ensures that you can do so with ease. The camera captures even the smaller details of the picture and displays it correctly.

If you’re looking for a regular notebook rather than something special, this Chromebook with the backlit keyboard will meet those requirements. It has the features of a premium chrome book along with the versatility of regular ones, which is why it will not disappoint you in terms of its performance..

Advantages of Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard!

There are certain advantages of having a Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard.

First of all, the backlit keyboards allow you to see and type in the dark, which is advantageous if you’re working late or if your eyes are very sensitive to bright lights.

Secondly, the lit keyboard helps you to see individual keys by separating the borders of each key with light. This helps you differentiate and type better.

And, of course, backlit keyboards look great; hence, the aesthetic appeal is certainly a plus. In fact, there are Chromebooks which include backlit keyboards that can light up every single key with a different color, improving the overall aesthetic and the pleasure of gaming.

The Final Verdict

If you look at all three Chromebooks, then the clear winner of the best Chromebook with backlit keyboard title is the Google Pixelbook. It has great performance, no bloatware, great specs and also a great design. but because of being a high price Chromebook it has to come second in our list. so check that new ASUS Chromebook Flip which stands up at the top.

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